Yours And Ronda’s Dilemma….(?) (part two)

My last Bday 12/30/16 She treated me to watch Ronda's last loss at a Sports Grill here in Az.
My last Bday 12/30/16
She (Gdaughter) treated me to watch Ronda’s last loss at a Sports Grill here in Az.

There’s part one below. Back in Feb 8.

Let us begin with the Burden.

Families, even the best of them, and aided by our consciences have the faculty of handing down to us “the burden”. Yes.

In the case of Ronda it should be understood. First that we all look for meaning. This is unavoidable. Some of us swear that we are more realistic than this, to look for meaning from the experiences of those who surround us, but such is life. We all wish to make sense of things. And you know what? In part this is due to fear. Yes, we fear getting caught up in the vortex of serendipity. We read the papers, see the news on TV and wind up scarred emotionally and mentally. “Gee can that happen to me (that beheading, that….).” Horrifying stuff, children getting access to these kind of things tend the more to ask themselves “What in the world am I in for….?”

So decisions are made within the subtle Psyche.

So the human psyche finds refuge in “Order”. So, in Ronda’s case, boom, father gets on a sled, gets catapulted unto a snow bank. Under the mound of snow is a log. He breaks his back. Metal rods get inserted down his back. Pain, pain as time proceeds.

The prognosis; at the last stage, Quadriplegic. Soon tubes, someone having to wipe your butt, shortly thereafter, death. You die. He was told ahead of time it would be like this.

Small wonder; Get in the car, close the garage door. Put the gas hose in. Die ahead of time. But oh yes, leave a note.

Don’t know all the content of the note, but this I know; In summary Ronda would amount to something. The phrase “Behind a podium” one day included. So now she, Ronda, found security in this, a formula, a “destiny”. What ever horrors she had buried in her psyche (as a child, as so many of us do. And no wonder children play), she would chase out of the room, out of the cellar, out of the attic, just like we might burn a incense and scatter the scent around the house to exorcise the demons. In essence Ronda was living someone else’s idea of what life was, IE she would hide.

And so legends grew in reference to her exploits, in import to her. The public helped with her victories in MMA to give credence to her myths. It was fun. I don’t blame her for buying into this stuff. It was a hiding place. Secure. Until she lost big time.

We draw comfort by mocking those who come off the pedestals

So there are many who make fun of her for buying into her myth. The public acceptation, perception. They comfort themselves by thinking; Ronda is a sucker. But those who do, have demonstrated this view, this has been done only because in the next life they will sit upon thrones of perfection surrounded by worlds of, legions of adorers. Ahem…..

Thank you for reading and please return as we continue this series on “Yours and Ronda’s Dilemma (part three).

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.



7 thoughts on “Yours And Ronda’s Dilemma….(?) (part two)

    1. You should see what I went through when my wife and I separated all the Rebellion I encountered from my kids yes it’s hard for them it’s like why should they listen if even mommy and daddy don’t keep the picture straight of representation

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      1. I know, and it is a process which if handled correctly will enrich yours and the kid’s lives. Keep journaling and your problems will clarify. What I underwent began in 1989, so you see I am an old hand at this.
        I give you now a saying that the Lord helped me construct during a week of much pain when I would not stop chasing that perfidious woman. We’re good friends today. But here is the quote God helped me to construct which began my healing;
        “It is not good to remain upon the field of battle waiting for another chance to prove your mettle while your adversary is off celebrating your defeat.”
        The time comes when you can walk away and that saying took me a week to construct and word in the way which would facilitate my letting go. It is so powerful. Write it and frame it and pray about it. Sincerely; MAO

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      2. To my knowledge it isn’t. I spent a whole week in pain which begun with me begging God; “Lord please give me something.” for I was sick and tired of the way I was dealing with my pain. Well God counted on me being a creative individual, His gift to me in my indoctrination into life. I kept rewriting it, and rewriting it, and by the way the original one I composed doesn’t say adversary, it says “enemy”. But if you look through my blog the post can be found upon which I shared that verse, I think it is called something like “help in time of need”, I will see if I can dig it up for you. I wouldn’t put it pass my subconscious to have used something like it found in the scriptures, in different words, but don’t let it frighten you if God gave it to me personally, the point is if you analyze it and pray over it, it will help you overcome and be “all that you can be”, for none of us have the right to keep one another a prisoner of emotional vindictiveness. One of my daughters when she saw the phrase, was in shock; “Dad this can apply to a lot of things.” She was amazed but profited from seeing what God can do with the human mind once we turn to Him.

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