On Behavior; UTM/ITU

An old post (reprint)

Date: August 19, 20155 CommentsEdit


This is an old tool the good Lord put into my brain. I remember seeing it take shape, taking on building blocks while I was unsure as to what it meant, whether it would be something I could work with or not.

The intro above and these words were not included in the old post. The post does not here bear the original intro. It begins below, and just read it for you should find a concept you can see and apply in your daily walk.

UTM/ITU (You test me/I test you)


I had been experimenting with this idea knowing it to be quite logical. Quite applicable in theory. But came the day that it revealed itself to me in a life scenario.

Here’s the story;

I was a Nanny to three of my Granddaughters. Their Moms were working jobs and attending College.
On this morning I had prepared and served breakfast. Once done with that, all three had gotten dressed and packed their school stuff.
There was time now to help Mimi with preparation for a test she was to take on this day.
I made a makeshift test of the material. She took the test (20 questions) and failed them all. We went over the answers with corrections, of course. I prepared her the best I could, plus prayed for the best. I helped her with her coat as it was Winter time in NYC.. Mimi was the baby.

Right then, it was that she bagan her discourse.

She began to ask me one question after the other, and this questioning was all based on a field trip she had taken with her class. Animals and nature. I got all the answers wrong or just gave up, and she supplied the correct answer. There we were now directly across from her School, having walked there (me holding her lovely little hand).
It hit me…..

This is precisely that thing I had been developing; UTM/ITU
Yes, I admit, I did the proverbial slap on the forehead thing.

Allow me to present the breakdown of what just transpired;

UTM/ITU (one last time: you test me/I test you) is all about how representational things, situations, in life provoke us to anxiety by finding, concluding us as short, IE with lack, or lacking.
The wonderful premise is that because when under the presence (or scrutiny) of that thing we come up short, in order to diminish said anxiety produced by having come up short by that “thing, or situation”, we must do something to discredit it. And hence; ITU (I test you).

And so, her precious little head found in stock her field trip, and how many wonderful little facts she had retained from memory, so she conducted her onslaught against Grandpa, posing one question after the other. She was driven by her anxiety, by her lack, being assessed as short (contrast the upcoming test assessment).

First, at this juncture, it should be clear that there would be a great deal of things like this in life which when we find ourselves in proximity to them (those things which assess or threaten in our minds to assess us) we would react in being flooded with some anxiety. And yes you might see a clearer picture now of why a loved one or you yourself go on the defensive at times. This knowledge therefore can make us more compassionate towards one another.

Remember; UTM/ITU
You test me/I test you
If you cause me discrediting by your assessment of me….I’m left with no option but to discredit you that I may regain my foothold (diminish my anxiety).

This is the cause of many rebellions, fights, etc..

If this post has lifted a veil of confusion from around your life, I urge you to peruse my archives for more knowledge like this which God has seen fit to give me.

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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