Fear Of; Failure/Success (part seven)

This post began as a reply to a very interesting comment relative to my series; “Fear Of; Failure/Success” (incomplete series). But as can be seen I have turned this reply into “Part Seven” of the series.

It is c/p’d below (the comment is……).

“Fear of failure is understandable. Can u elaborate on Fear of Success..”

The comment  came in in Pink which is probably why I could not find it on the post (am computer illiterate, ignorant). It appears that the system is configured for private comments????

Though it might appear (to some) that this individual missed the point, this comment is terrific, and we shall see why……….

The object of this question would appear as that of one feeling that they are separate subjects, but this is not the case. No. This proves that I seemed to have approached the subject from that of the Fear of Failure alone. 

This above is a fine inference. So this then implies that the commenting one merely approached the subject from the aspect of the fear of success; IE His/her inquiring (concerned).

As likely, an individual concern on the part of the commenter.

He/she is interested with dealing with the fear of success alone. I know I seem to be repeating myself (In the past I have functioned as a Teacher and Principal of a Christian school) but as a Teacher this is not an uncommon tool (repetition).

So I will attempt to isolate the Fear of Success.

The logical question would be; Why would one fear success?

A good question, I think. It would be good to find, propose a complete answer.

The answer must begin with Indoctrination; Conditioning, programming. If one is conditioned to feel threatened, discombobulated by the prospect of succeeding then it follows that one is thrown out of wack by the potential of a imminent success. So it stands to reason that we are talking about the Psyche here, a mind which finds it intolerable to fit the vesture of one who succeeds in a thing.

We are stepping into the realm of guilt, and varied parameters here. Let’s outline topic wise some of the influences here.

More commonly; Parents/Guardians/Institutions, and……..

Not so commonly; the Void Innate, the Psyche, Role Play, Security, Identification, and Value (value with identity).

So many things become ingrained in our indoctrination. Now we shall proceed to Drama. Yes sadly we become outfitted with Drama. And this is what complicates stuff to the point where we are not living, but instead enacting a sentimental drama. And all due to our Value indoctrination. First; Why must we achieve Value, attain value? Answer; For the sake of Sanity. Our position as human beings is unstable, yes ironically even the ones rewarded with the cliche of “Stable”, and normal. As a matter of fact being labeled as stable is merely sufficing as one who accepts the stamp of approval from a bunch, a lot of self deceivers, who languish in the vapid pool of the perpetual zombies. You see, all need for identifying with value stems from our being voided human beings. 

Not in possession of Life, the Life of God. 

I know you feel for the moment that I am not addressing your query…….

Why would one fear success? Answer; One has formulated a deal with the Void Innate, IE, Our Psyche has made an arrangement with the Void which fits well with our indoctrination as a child, apropos to our guilt and guardians. 

Our Psyche’s balance is compromised and achieved through such a bargain. But it comes with discomforts. But to be more precise and inclusive let me say………….Propose a scenario, and a Duality of; a child who has not been made comfortable with criticism. 

Castrated by acidic comments. And these posed by the Guardians. What then will the Psyche of that child do as a consequence? To preserve well being…….what will the Psyche implement. For you see, the Psyches unwellness will invoke the horror of the Void within. So the child must rationalize. To be more exact; the child’s sense of imbalance is itself the result of Void invocation.

The human mind cannot withstand the signification of the presence of the abiding Void.

Appertainment is the significance of the abiding presence of the Void within. IE Discard, waste material. Our Psyche cannot deal with this reminder.

Criticism invokes our Voided state.

So now let us focus on what the child’s Psyche formulates to preserve balance, peace.

The elements in this process must be addressed by us. First; Due to the Void’s being intuited, what then is the thing which mind of the Child fears the most…………what???????

To be determined, assessed as “Unlovable” (look for, in my posts; the image of lovability; The IOL.). And the child’s mind arrives at this due to the Duality of Contrast! Having been accorded all things, as a infant with no need to please the Guardian. Fed, bathed, coddled, etc..

You can dress the scenario in varied drama, not confined to my figure, model here (above) posed. But the gist of it is that the Child will conclude……….

When the Guardians insist of malicious criticism; “It is not that I’m unlovable, it is just that I am bad.” And so they must spend the rest of their life trapped in a vicious cycle of portraying “Bad” in varied ways merely to silence the words which will invoke the horror, presence of the Void. One Guise of Bad is to role play. 

And one rewarded role play is that of failing. Success therefore must be avoided at all  costs for it invokes the whole scenario which screams “Probability”, yes the house of cards might come crashing down. The formula employed to keep our Voidedness at bay could collapse, fall apart. Success must be avoided, so one role plays perpetually at being “bad”. Insufficient and without validation. Success is feared. 

If you are comfortable with “mediocrity”, whereas in your heart you feel you can be successful; chances are you fear success.

But you see; If one does not understand the fear of failure, one cannot understand the fear of success. It is a Duality, a circle. 

Thanks for the comment to the commenter (addressed).

I would not know these things, my having studied on Psychology would afford me nothing without seeing my state, my need, “I am a fallen creation, Voided and in need of regeneration, supplied by the Cross of Calvary, the Son of God; Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour”.

I can be reached at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book



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