Validation; Conversely

Here is a old post for you since you asked persistently. Wouldn’t stop hassling me.Enjoy this and let me get some rest, huh!!!!!


We tend to sleep on a great deal in life. Normally we do this on purpose.


In part due to fear, and in part due to “Value Identification”. There are some perks which fall in our laps early in life, such as things of comfort and security. We are fed, supplied with clothing, bedding, security becomes of these things when identified with experientially. And yes of course there were some which had less of these things than some of us did, and to those it falls upon to appreciate the little which came their way. In fact usually such would go on to become amassers of a decent amount of wealth and thus recognition. Funny, almost ironic, yet making no mystery of the ones who come to have power and wealth later on in life.

Validation; Conversely.

You see, we get sent out on missions very early in life…

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