Yes, there is a conspiracy and it is a very contrived one. It is an intended to be eternal one though it will not succeed to be so (eternal). And who has spawned this conspiracy? Is it one spawned by a group, a nation? And how many have bought into it, how many?

Basically, the whole world has bought into it. And though it has its roots in the Bible, even the Christian mind, yes the “religious” have bought into it for the most part. It is funny how we accept “this reality” though it is something we have created, how we sleep on it. All the value systems it is garnished with are products of necessity, less we lose our mind, less we should be confronted with the truth.

Though all which the Christian believes in be contrary to what the multitude is based in yet the Christian finds self-competing in the same arena.

Some Things…..

In order to simplify what is complex, there are some things we need in order to attend the conspiracy with. Some tools required. Let us digress for a brief moment……..

Here are some words which will help our venture into this arena;

The Void Innate (innate stamp, designation: Oblivion, nothingness)

Drama (and Redemption Dramas)

Value Systems (human negotiable substances, ideals)

(along with the above…) Ethics, political correctness.

Purpose (the innate need to occupy, be in possession of pastimes)

Let us return to “Conspiracy”.

Would you believe…..

The spirit of rebellion is fed off the hidden truth. Yes, it is provided with purpose and substance. 

It is so weird that in the Garden, in Adam we restlessly ventured to question God through a rite of ignorance, the mere fact that we were yet unconfirmed, lacking the knowledge of the propensity to err, to stray away from what we are in need of, and that now due to the intuiting the presence of humankind’s conspiracy to self-delude, we yet preoccupy self with the mission to rebel and this time against our brood, the Adamic Race. 

The above, in truth, describes our worldwide held pastime; IE skirmishes, dissent, and discontent. 

Humankind has designed and set the stage for us ere we were conceived and brought out into this existence. From the beginning, we were unavoidably outfitted with acceptance of this reality and all of its value systems. Even outfitted with a “Conscience” born out of clannish, familial debt which attempts to imitate Love (true love) but turns out to be a penance, an offering born out of a sense of guilt, allegiance to the clan. As it turns out, every household is a robotic center designed to give us “Purpose”, that step onward which the human mind is in so desperate a need of. Yes, and this is why the human mind, with good reason, is fragile and on the verge of giving voice to the innate Truth. 

In this (above last) lies the true motivation for our preoccupation with addictive substances, IE what compels us to turn to them. Yet…….

How simple life itself would be if we only did not cling to the negotiable substances of this reality. Yes, the things we esteem of value, suffuse life with.

And this is why we get angry at “Believers”, those which claim, represent a kind of worship which makes them a target for our personal frustrations, needs, innate lack. That for which our Soul yearns. 

What does the above insinuate? Simply; that if we loathe self-deception we then are driven to preoccupy self with correcting our brother, criticize and find his/her error. Whether real or imagined, and that, of necessity due to our state, our Voided State within. Weird, huh? True, however, nonetheless. 

Thank you for visiting.

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book


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