The Reality Of Our Fervor

Passions, yes…….

We are passionate concerning much. Our passion covers a lot of ground. Our passions govern our “reality”. Yet we have dreams and these dreams reveal themselves, yes, in our “reality” panorama. 

Humankind projects onto the screen of life as a voice, concerns, and hopes. And this is why our writers envision for example “Spock” of Startrek. A being without passion yet calculative, able to lay before us options which might be clouded over by passion, emotions, instability and fear. And it is because of our “Humanity” that Kirk of the same series at times will show the disadvantage of not having emotions. but notice, please the ambivalence; the conflict between these two ideals, the duality, IE As long as man does not come to terms with the innate presence (His Voided State), his need of regeneration, redemption, the conflict will always emerge. Make itself known.

What conflict?

The conflict which is given voice to by our pursuit of the ideal of “Perfection”. To better illustrate we must isolate the two examples above; Kirk and Spock. Kirk represents man in possession of sentiment, a thing Spock sees no point in elevating, IE seeing sentiment as an ideal. But this illustrates once more our predicament as a species. Being divided, of a dual mind, wavering, caught between “preferences”. Divisiveness. 

Getting back to basics is the gift of the Bible, what it proposes, a way out for humankind. 

You see “Life” is but a canvas, a sob story. Projected upon the screen of life are our insecurities, our deficiencies, our state, condition. The Bible is not bound by our encryption. Our encryption demands that our innate conflict is projected upon the screen of life. And so we fashion, we create and isn’t it remarkable that this very propensity to create (such as the duality we see in Kirk and Spock) we crown such achievements as “Art”, and we insist that we celebrate the arts, but this should tell us something, oh yes, tell us something……..

We lavish self with points, with credit, credit for our infirmities.

And so it is that our predicament is placed upon a pedestal. Yes.

The double minded man:

“The double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

  King James version of James 1:8 (the Bible)

Having choices seems to be our lack. There should be no choices if we were made “Whole”. But yes I know…….

You don’t like this. 

You think you are deprived of free will. And this sentiment is precisely why we place upon a pedestal yet once again our infirmities. We elevate sentiment, make of it a flag, a virtue and go out with speeches which set on fire the hearts of our fellows inciting more and more the rebellion which first began in the Garden of Eden. Yes the time when we abandoned our God. Our Beloved. He who has never foresaken us.

It was treating us as little children that He donated the template. The example whereby He took on human form. And loaned to us the great “demonstration”. Striving against our infirmity, He, Jesus, the Son of God did prevail. Did prevail. Discarded this mortality for the preference of the Life of God. Counted it (this state, deficiency, incapacitating and “dreaming” state) as dung.  

Ironic, yes ironic that we worship our infirmity, incapacity to compensate for our lack. And so it is that passion, fervor is our emblem, our flag. And the cry of this becomes “Art”. 

No wonder that the entertainment industry proclaims itself as “our voice”, representative. And we accept this, for the most part.

Thanks for your patronage. Sincerely.  

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book


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