Repurposing The Darkest Thought

The presence of the Void Innate must be utilized, put into perspective. It must be attended with “repurpose”. But in order to do this, it (the void) must be acknowledged. This is done not with the sense of doom it portends, but with the very hope God has set before us, yes, “Providence” itself. We can be as one transformed like the Pheonix. It becomes all a matter of clasping onto hope. But not only that, knowledge becomes a thing to be attended also. And why? Because “familiarity” should be viewed as a matter to be pursued. We, in order to dismiss the fear inspired by the presence of the Void, have to foresee the interference which might intrude upon our plans as it (the void) is provision for our “fleshly” nature, having the power to culminate in our deeds mirroring it. Yes, “Void Mirroring” is a thing we must be wary of in our concourse upon this life.

For that is without question “life”, what we see all about us; The mirroring of the Void substitutes the absented value in the soul of our fellow travelers. And this is the curse we sleep on. 

Yes, things like suicide, substance abuse, emotional and mental self-disablement, and more, are all perpetrated due to the presence of the Void; IE “Void Mirroring” is accomplished, brought to pass yet slept on in all these actions. The Void within can overwhelm some poor souls. 

And it is also in the pursuit of knowledge that we meet here at this page. The purpose of this work (book) is to inform you, inspire you to utilize that tool, the mind which Biblically is asserted to be the first element employed which responds to the presence of God. 

“Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word.”

We are not to sleep on the presence of the Void Innate. Obviously, we know that the work of Christ upon the cross is the only extant event which can address the poison of the Void. In fact, the Cross as referenced in Christ is to aid us in “filling” the Void with the Life of God, His Spirit. But the trick is that of empowering “Faith”, how then is this to be accomplished?

It is a simple process…..

I have always recalled to mind Dwight Pentecost’s saying; 

“There is no such thing as blind faith, faith needs a target to aim at….”

Be acquainted with your enemy. Be acquainted with the presence of the Void that your faith be outfitted with the avenues it might pursue, that you might always be one step ahead. This attitude, this knowledge, and acknowledging will then impact your faith. This is as a provisioning for God’s presence and presidence.

Merriam-Webster (below)

Definition of presidence



  1. 1:  the action or fact of presiding :  directionsuperintendenceby the presidence and guidance of an unseen governing power — William Wollaston

  2. Grammarly disowns the word “presidence” and so I have supplied the definition above. For the benefit of some. 
Essentially what have we come across in this chapter?
That the Void, though wreaking havoc in life as it “Mirrors” itself in the lives of the multitude, has a purpose, an intent in truth, yet to be ascertained in the lives of many; Being a Voided creation means accountability, we must and are to deal with our state; IE fill that Void with the Life of God, for many good things to come out of it.

I can be reached at, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook


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