Deceived In Life

Yes, in truth this is our predicament.

Outfitted with roles. Life outfits us with roles and we blindly accept them. The reaction our souls, our minds experience, when faced with our temporality begs for value. Hungrily, greedily we accept the assignments of roles.

Let me tell you a story………

Once, as a child of nine, I stood in a dark room and contemplated the concept of “God” as I stared up into a starry night sky through a window.

My mind began a chase with myriad questions; Is there a God?, What is God?, Where is He?, Does He exists?, Who created God?

Honestly, truly, I tell you that eerily there was a sense that I was onto something, I would reach something if I kept up the pace, the pursuit……

And then it happened. Don’t get scared now, listen……

I was instilled with a certainty that should I continue this game I would leave my body. The “I” (to leave the body), of course, would be my soul, me. 

Picture my terror, horror at that juncture in this experience. Quickly then, though with uncertain steps, I walked to another room in the house where I knew the rest of my Brothers and Sisters crowded amongst one another were engaged in conversation. Mundane huh? By comparison with what I had been experiencing. Well, what did I do then? I know, the Spirit within you guesses what that was, umm…….

 I inserted myself among the conversation (probably with a pale white countenance). Yes.

And I was divested of that horror, that engulfing fear. So now, for purposes of this presentation, we will address this drama which took place. 

Having invoked the Void Innate. Intuited it…..

Little Miguel, when faced with this horrific truth, returned to the “Lie” the myth of “life”, roles assigned by man’s fiction of reality, assigned for security purposes, identity value which keeps us “Sane” (not real sanity, mind you). Spoon fed the lie. 

What you have witnessed is the primordial story in classroom form. We all possess “Intuition”, real intuition and not the “mystic” type, nor the “spirit” keen stuff (Note that the word spirit has a small “s”, not the Spirit of God, but of man.).

The presence of the Void is intuited; IE Directly known, acknowledged, the proof is in the mere fact that it is……

There are no pamphlets handed out to introduce yours or my Voided State; It is what it is. Ironically making it a Truth bigger than the truths garnered by science when playing around with things of which God Himself possesses all diagrams and compositions of. 

It is only because we are nuts from our birth that we follow this fiction, this drama called life which we enliven with “ideals”. 

So “lose your life and find it” applies here. Irony. Paradox. We have been living a lie. 

What is the presence of the Void? What is its significance? 

Anwer; Designation, appertainment. 

Look at it like this…..

It is an innate condition which reaches out into Eternity and again, paradoxically, out from Eternity to that human vessel it inhabits; You/me….

The Void is there that we might see the answer to its inherent death, its soul-lution in God.

Oblivion awaits. Nothingness awaits. Discard awaits; It is what it is…if the salt has lost its savor, and we lost it in Adam. 

It is the fragile state of the human mind impinged upon by the Void which doth weave this tangled web called life. 

I can be reached;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook


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