What Do These Things Say?

The body Ages.

The body develops a sickness, disease.

The young person joins a street gang.

The young person runs away from home.

The person commits suicide.

The young person goes and becomes a member of a terrorist or militant group.

The young person kills their parent/s.

The person goes out and serial kills various individuals.

I could add to the list. A person gets deluded, follows a fanatical leader to their own destruction.

All these things are “Communications”, the voice of the Void within each and every one of us. The product of the Fall as witnessed to by the Bible. Yes, hear me out…..

We age, the body corrupts because this is a waiting room, this life is. It is (this life) a witness to opportunity yet once more supplied to us that we might reconcile ourselves to God. It is there, of course, just waiting the option to choose life. 

God has provided the plan along with the offering for us to enter into His Glory, His Graces. 

The only life is Eternity, not this stop off point. This is a way station, a detour. We must recognize that there is a destination. Yet, yet. A debarkation point. We shall eventually disembark. 

Everything speaks. Everything tells a story. What story does humankind tell? A story of division. To delude self or not to delude self. Dualities are great illustrators. 

Humankind as far as individuals are concern seek to write one’s own ticket. IE Seek to take the Kingdom of Heaven by force. “I am a good person” they say. Oh yes, I fail here and there but overall I strive to do good. This is taking the Kingdom of Heaven by force. Credit to me and not to God. Meanwhile, as Dwight Pentecost wrote…….

“The definition of Repentance is; A change of mind and a change of direction” IE Change your mind as to your righteousness and head towards the Righteousness of God.

But we are not listening. Everything, circumstances speak, circumstances all around us but we don’t listen. The truth is evinced all about us. All of the mire and muck which seeks to consume us is a product of the fall. But……

The issue is blurred, the lines are sufficiently blurred to cause us to seek occupations elsewhere. We deem things of non-import, those things which are making a noise all around us. We even set the incorrect example. The role play handed down to us by Society, mankind, help us to further confuse the issue. 

Roles such as Father, Mother, daughter, Son…..

Yes, even those roles bind us to perpetuate fallacies. To be a part of the deluding circumstances. 

Self-import. It is a hell hole which we languish in. Religion does not belong to man, no, no. But us portraying it as if it did is why we take it or leave it. In fact, it is a far and loftier thing, beyond human virtues. It belongs to God and we have clouded the true issue. 

The young man/girl that joins a street gang is saying; “This is the only value I foresee for self, worth identifying with because the stench I derive from all the other options is that folks who err are telling me what is right and what is wrong.” And you know what leads the young person to go contrary to Social influences in such a relationship? Intuition. Yes, intuition. 

The Void Innate, within the Soul, having been intuited, gives voice to such conclusions. Yes, the Void in man is at work. It ages us because we don’t have the life of God forfeited in Adam, our progenitor. it is the presence of the Void which is mirrored in suicide, when we walk on an hour by hour basis too, too close to it when our only human contact is Void generated; Guardians or caretakers who live and breathe the Void as if it is worshiped. Dead people. 

Yes, beloved friends, we don’t know what we are up against. Will Psychology bail us out, will science rescue us?

Science and Psychology need to be re-applied from a Biblical perspective because we belong to God. 

I can be reached at; turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


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