The Profundity Of The Obscuration

The impact, the severity of the things which obstruct us from embracing fully how dark forces conspire to obscure the presence, the desire of God for us goes so deep, so confounding, so effect full. The effect of this conspiracy upon us is so debilitating. So disempowering. Yes.

The means, the route to securing the magisterial power of God in our lives is deliberately kept behind dark deceitful curtains from us. Every obstacle imaginable has been placed in our path.

Yet the means is pure simplification itself. The Spiritual eyes can be ours. Understanding can be achieved.

Emotions, affections are part of the screening off implement. Protocols we observe are a part of the time wasting occupations observed which prevent us from drawing near to the power of God.

Let us begin with a simple illustration. Matthew 12:46-50

He, Jesus is speaking to the people when someone informs Him that His Mother and Brothers are outside wishing to speak with Him.

He then raises the provocative thought; Who are my Mother and Brothers?

Raises His hands to include everyone present, “Here” are my Mother and Brothers, and Sisters.

This was not intended as disrespectful. This was intended for the average believer. We commit no sin in thinking ourselves as included, accepted within the family of God. All earthly indoctrinations will lose verdure, color in contrast to the heavenly guidelines, observances we are made privy to. The earthly protocols are temporal, while the heavenly are eternal.

Now indulge me and attach to these earthly protocols; Affections.

Now attach the affections to our observances. The things we hold dear. Abraham took Isaac to give him as an offering to God. Literally was how Abraham understood God’s command. Figuratively was how Isaak came out of the ranks of the dead unto life. As dead he was as he lay below the knife hand, this was his dad, daddy. Isaak never questioned this moment. Yes, true he questioned priorly the absence of the “Sacrifice” that which was to be offered (a life).

The protocol, the observance; Father to Son, Son to Father was a factor, a glue, but this action denied that protocol, relegated it as not a priority in this instance when God made a demand, a call upon man. When God would use us.  

What was it which stilled Isaak? This was Dad who nurtured me, who provided for me, who protected me with his life. Trust stilled Isaak.

Yes, Trust. 

We compare our religious observances, in fact, some of us connect them to such an account as the offering of Isaak. Observances, rituals, will tend to be tainted with “Superstition”. Guilt inspired. Human conscience instigated. Not what God has in mind.

A Father observes his relation to his offspring. He loves them. This is affection, this is emotion. A powerful thing, yet only as powerful as sentiment affords. Crying, torment, loss, rejoicing, the heart swells, but this is emotion. We call it love. It is affection. For God so loved the world…..

That is love. 

If Abraham had slain Isaac would it have accorded humankind entrance into the family of God? No, because Isaac was a son of Adam, a child of a fallen creation, not fit for God’s original intent. Confirmed in Sin, prone to err. On the other hand, Jesus was born of the Spirit of God and did not fail. He did not fail man (kept the law), did not fail God; This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. 

Abraham obeyed God. Trust is a biggie with God. But why? Adam proved this. He did not take God at His Word. This is partly why we understand what the Word of God means. That it holds instruction good for us.

So much that we can see beyond earthly protocols if we had Spiritual Eyes. God grant us the Spiritual Eyes.

Thank you for reading.

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.



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