Follow Up To; Redemption Dramas

The subject of Redemption Dramas is outfitted with various facets. It really would not be laid to rest in one chapter. I don’t even believe that two chapters could describe it. For that purpose, I will make a broad statement at this moment; The entire history of humankind, all the deeds recorded, whether they consisted of wars, famines, pestilences, ad infinitum have all been laced with nothing but R.D.’s (Redemption Dramas).

Now, understand that……

Not a single one of us wants to break the illusion that we are not unique, that we are not special. I thoroughly understand that. In fact, I love you for believing that….and why?

Why do I love you for believing that? This is why dear child; I love you simply because your need to believe that demonstrates to some extent “desperation”. 

How much, in fact, (likely) circumstances in life conspired to cause you to require such a talisman as that, such a mantra as that to believe and hold dear.


Bear in mind that it is the abiding presence of the Void Innate which gives us that propensity to need to counter it with “positives”, counter its presence.

It is the Void Innate which “superstitiously” compels guardians and parents to provide offspring with such thoughts; “You are special, unique”. Mind you, our only claim to uniqueness is God. Why? Because He is nothing like us. For we are a fallen creation. 

Of course, we were not created fallen. But the trick was the fact that He gave us a will. And this was the price of possessing a free will, that we would choose incorrectly, that we would err, and in that would both our perfection and imperfection be proven. The ability to will as we please turned out to be a two-edged sword. With the will, we could not accuse God of making us into puppets, but it would turn out that only with the will could we again choose Life, God. 

The Prodigal.

Ambivalance. Fence straddlers. Would we return, yes, no…..?

Now as to the Void….

“Yes and no.” is a duality. And so it is that while we hold onto the “Counter” status; We are unique, special, the very condition which bred it, made it as expedient as the very air we breathe,  gave it life, being the Void Innate makes it doubly expedient that we find, obtain that which will annul it, vanquish it (the Void Innate), its power, hold upon our subsistence. 

We don’t stand a chance. With all of our sciences, philosophies, colloquialisms, mantras, we don’t stand a chance. 

Now listen………

The faculty of the human mind can lead us to err yet. Easily. One minor illustration; We must have our drama. Yes, and so it is that some say in our hearts, “I will live the life of the Prodigal.” 

Silly. Yet we tack on more drama. While we are busy living the life of the prodigal, for dramatic purposes, intents we think that we can through that experience find God afterward. Emotions. We don’t require emotions to prepare us to meet with God. No. Logic would even suffice much better. Bring us closer to God. Point is that wanting the drama of the prodigal is the inspiration of the Void within. Translating drama into value, a value which will compete against the absentee value of the Life of God. All that is being realized by such activities is our need of the Life of God. 

Power can be unleashed. Yes, the Souls in the Churches await correct teaching, the proper instruction which will prepare them. 

Prepare them for the inception within our being of the healing Power of God. Faith is elicited with correct teaching. Yes. Such healing as can diminish the stranglehold of the Void has upon our Psyche. The world is wrapped up in so much complexity that Satan is winning. All is really actually simple. We are in the last days. 

So bear in mind that the Void Innate colors all of our occupations. They are the substance of the Void within. It (all occupations) are Void manufactured. 

All except those which shoot down Void, expose the Void Innate and point to that which can eliminate the need for it. The Life of God afforded us upon the Cross of Calvary, through Jesus Christ the Son of God. 

The Void is to be filled. Filled with the Life of God. There is no need of R.D.’s with a true Redemption. Christ Redeems us back to our Father in Heaven.

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.



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