Redemption Dramas

What are “Redemption Dramas”? (or RD’s as you will see me refer to them sometimes). 

Redemption Dramas are simply “All the things we preoccupy with.” All of our pastimes. Why is this to be concluded as such…..

Acts of Redemption.

Simply because we are Void Driven fallen creatures. One of the best proofs of this is the fact that often (always) we proceed in a choice of “Persona” (our favored portrayal, representation what we feel, conclude as “Identity”, the “I” am, who am I….) which functions as a Talisman which keeps the Boogey Man at bay. The Boogey Man being the “Void”. The presence of the Void Innate. So then, yes, seeing as that we are Void Driven in all we do, the pastimes we inhabit “Characteristically” (Persona wise) must be concluded as Redemption Dramas. 

Some RD’s are “Biggies”, they stand out. Some are moderate. Some but not all of the Biggies are; The “Romantic Redemption Drama”, “The Gambler”, the “Rebel”, the “Protector”, the “Hero”, the “Loser/Failure”, etc….

There are more, of course, but as you can see some are moderate, minor, peaceful, less obvious, less conspicuous. It is like the sheep and the herders. Our situation, our state could not have been better processed or packaged were it an Ad from Madison Avenue, a spin on taking something tragic and transforming it into a field of unicorns and magical fairies. 

And so we have our classes upon the earth. The “Elite” which are not so elite as can be evinced by the truth, the fact that were it not for the abiding presence of the Void Innate, its drive, they would not be “created” in the image of the Elite. IE Something tragic has formed them, made them possible. 

Out of the Void Connection proceedeth RD’s.

We are all subconsciously aware of the Void. But not with a sense of divulgement. Not with such an acknowledgment that we are led to choose to deem God as “that better thing”. This is to say that we are all Void Driven, Void motivated. The Cruciality of the thing is that we are all of us asleep, used, as in a dream, caught up in a deep web, a lie which results in us being in possession of no true value, for without God’s Life we are dead. And this is what the Void innate means; our claim to fame is death. 

An old story (I’ve told before…); I once related to a young man who was competing against me, didn’t like me…..

“Everything, absolutely everything we do in life is but to identify with and accumulate “value”.”

I said…., “Listen to conversations everywhere folk gather….” in the store, on the bus, train; “Oh, go to” so and so you will get a better price. This from the one who will be credited with “being well informed”. 

Now this young man I was talking to replied, “Not me”.

He meant of course that he himself was not concerned with identifying with or procuring value.

I thought to myself (as I knew that due to his prejudiced state of mind, not caring for my presence, not liking me…); “Thanks for substantiating, proving my point by wanting to be the “exception”.”

Due to his dislike of me, the Void invoking I produced in him, my presence instigated, he was somewhat flooded with perhaps a small enough amount of anxiety, and thus, in order to diminish it, find, obtain value he had to prove to me in word, that he was above such practices; IE the need to identify with or accumulate value. 

Finally in parting….

Remember that when external events, negative events, or internally elicited negative thoughts intrude upon our living…… is then that we are made consciously aware of the Innate Void and so we work within our RD’s in a more pronounced fashion.

True that we are always under the effect of the Void, IE it is our only source drive. We have not found a substitute for it (as we haven’t ascertained our predicament, our state). We have not processed the presence of the Void correctly, as it should function not to drive us to substitute the Life of God but to seek, logically to procure the Life of God. 

Thanks very much for your time here. I appreciate your patience with this material. Mind you, it is not for everyone. “Some know better”….(irony).

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Redemption Dramas

    1. I’m blessed to have found such a good reader in the blogging world. Much encouraged by your comments. So succinct. So free of malicious criticism. I’d better stop here, you might disbelieve the good effect you bring about with your kind observations.


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