4th Follow Up To; Redemption Dramas

Understand that I was unable to restrict RD’s (Redemption Dramas) to three chapters. More instruction was needed for me to deposit the teachings which clarify what RD’s are at your doorstep. That I might take you into the next subject of the things which are not clear to us as fallen creations. Oh yes, I have much more of the things which we sleep on.

Well, and so we move onwards…..

It is of the utmost that you recognize that RD’s blanket our existence due to the presence of the Void Innate.

Categories run rampant upon this life, this existence and all implemented due to the impact the Void within has upon our Psyche. You see, the Void within scares us. Is harrowing. And so we insist upon our gauges. Our values, scales, tags for all things as we are assessors.

Yes, most important it is that you see that we are assessors, gauging all which the eye encounters. The little judges. Understand that this attribute of “assessors” attempts to counter the fact that the Void exists, is present within all of us with no exceptions.

The very presence of the Void within is why we criticize our parents, why early in life we note certain mistakes they make and “list” the things we will not “be”, not do in reference to our experience with them. So……

Moving on

The template; To begin with, the presence of the Void within is the basis for the human character. Whether we become Serial Killers, Nice People, Sociopaths, pillars of the community, productive social entities, or criminals all these facets proceed out of our voided state. The presence of the Innate Void is what Dooms humankind. 

Negative external occurrences would have no definition, identifying without the presence of the Void within. And so it is that we are confined by this duality. To assess whether a thing is negative or positive. You see, we are fooled, deluded.

Negative thoughts, in storage, due to experiences, having have had made “Void Connections” elicited our Voided State, can be made to resurface through associations. And this is where Anxiety Floods come in. So basically…..

Uninterred, the Void allows us to enjoy positive occurrences. But when an external negative event occurs, then the Void Innate which is there due to our need of redemption, repurchase, is then invoked reminding us of the Waste, oblivion which awaits us due to our designation, and it is then that impacting our Soul as to its actual state we are motivated by our Psyche to lie to self and weave Redemption Dramas throughout existence. Simple, it is in truth so simple. 

All of our occupations, pastimes, events we practice, create are RD’s. Lies. And so the truth about life lies not where “science or Psychology says”. 

For the Psychologist is Enlisted, even the “Scientist” so called is Enlisted by the Innate Void to tack on value to the illusion that man alone, on his own can redeem self. 

Playing the Prodigal Son as an RD will pose a problem for anyone of us. 

If we conclude; “I can enjoy my good fortune, there will be surely an opportunity for taking life seriously later.” But the good fortune of life is “Opportunity”, a chance to see our predicament, our state; Our need of the Life of God. 

If we think that all that is needed to meet up with God is emotion. If we conclude repentance to equate emotion then we are in trouble. Repentance is but a change of mind and a change of direction. Changing our minds as to our righteousness and turning toward the Righteousness of God. We will find it upon the Cross of Calvary. His Life was made available there.

You see emotion is a fuel which proceeds from the Void, it is an RD. When we envision it as leading us to God. 

The only worthwhile jubilation is the essential one and that which accords the knowledge that now, yes now and not later we are delivered from the Voided State. It is finished, said our Lord upon the Cross.

You have an obligation, for today is the day of Salvation. Trust in God and in Christ.

Thank you for this visit. I hope you have enjoyed this reading. Sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at; turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


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