Void Counter

My Tag, nickname, a little after I hit my teens, was “King Rat”. It was better than an umbrella in the rain, a warm coat worn in freezing cold, a delicious and satisfying meal for a moment of starvation, a can of whoop ass when the bullies appear……

You catch my drift.

The Void is mighty within us, no exceptions. Things like tags that we come up with are Void Counters. Created and designed to keep our Voided State at bay.

Yes, they are creative, but nonetheless, they reveal us as countering the Void’s Presence. 

AS I have striven to alert you; Within, deep inside, and painfully we are all Voided. Not fit for God’s original intent. Yes, that thing which we say is a creation of our imagination; God.

But we only want to believe that because believing it too serves to keep the Void at bay. The effigy burned on the town square which represents that leader we despise and attribute many an injustice to, yes so are all the things and pastimes we busy self with; activities designed by our Psyche spurred on by the Void’s presence within which serve to keep the Void at bay. 

The deal we make is but to put off dealing with it, the significance of its presence within. We busy ourselves as if we have a purpose. Pathetic yes. 

Yes, it is true, you don’t wish to hear about this, but you need to hear about this, oh yeah, oh yeah.

We are puppets, and we need to stop being puppets, worse, we are distracted, and permit it. 

Yes, we are surrounded in this existence by nothing but Redemption Dramas. All of which are performed as acts of worship. And no wonder we get disturbed by those who practice “Religions”. Ha. Because in truth, they make us uneasy; Coming dangerously close to describing our Voided State. A thing we don’t wish to admit and would rather continue on in Countering it. 

Find something better.

I had read, what I believed at the time, as a young man to be a great and unique book; “King Rat” by James Clavell. It really got to me. The Anti-Hero. Different. I decided I would be King Rat. And when you attach unto yourself “A Theme”, no matter whether it is Goth, a fashion statement, representative of a cause, oh, don’t discard it but just “Recognize”. Recognize that “We Void Counter” and this will be a step in the right direction for you. In healing. 

Understand that…..

Occurrences, whether in having negative thoughts or external occurrences which are of a negative makeup serve to “Invoke” the Void within, give voice to our true configuration as Voided creations which are in need of redemption. Yes, our fallibility becomes pronounced, given voice. 

You see; were it not for the extant Void within all, yes absolutely all Negative External occurrences could not compute. Would not be processed as negative, as disturbing, as bad, as Traumatic in nature. 

What then does all this introduction mean?

a) Without a Biblical foundation, there can be no true Psychology. Without the Biblical knowledge of the Fall, there can be no understanding of the mind of man. 

b) In essence, this also brings up another concept; “Enlistment”, IE; The “Psychologist” is Enlisted by the Void Innate. He/She is Void Mirroring (sorry another concept) and so making of their pastime but a preoccupation which is designed talso keep the Void at bay and not deal with it. Dealing with it is what is not only meaningful but “Pragmatic”. 

c) All external negative events having transpired in our history need not be searched out by “Psychological analysis”.  Karen Horneye said that “No matter how we (Psychologists) try we could never find the “First Anxiety”.” meaning the root cause and meaning that the Psychologist’s Couch has limitations but no wonder, since “the first anxiety” and all anxiety is attributed to the Biblical Fall of man. 

Yes, the actual and real problem is (and the winner is…..drum roll please….) The Void Innate. 

Frankly, I love Karen for having divulged that statement. 

Psychology as we know it deals with the externals. has to find in time that specific event which promulgated our present sad state of affairs, but only as relating to the stage of life; having transpired in “real” time. But it is kept busy with Redemption Dramas. IE sidetracked. Help!

Mass production is at work to outfit humankind with the skills needed to join the assembly line. IE return back out and proceed to Counter the presence of the Void Innate. Remember the Definition of “insanity”? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

I know, I come off as strange, weird, and why….

Because most folk could not continue, go on and join the rat race with this knowledge (dark and disanimating, concerning the Void Innate). Instead, they would be disanimated. Good thing, this last. Good thing. And why? Because all of our drive comes from the Void Innate. There is a need to curtail it and replace it.

Ironic but; Events which disanimate us but occur to cut off the strength of the Void, cut off our illusions. Bring us back to Reality, the Truth; We are in need of Redemption, repurchase. And this is what “Christianity” is truly all about.

“But I never understood Christianity as being all about this….”

You say. 

But you have to listen with ears to hear (from the Bible). Ye must be born again.

Thanks profoundly for this visit. I hope you did profit from it, friend.

I can be reached at; turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


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