The State Of Things

Two young men shoot up a school. They kill 13 and wound 20. One young girl jumps off an overpass and gets struck by several vehicles, and dies.

It was said of these that they were bullied, made fun of. Of the girl, it was said that there were discipline problems imposing difficulty in her social structure, this aside from bullying. And so she took her life, and so did the two young men after leaving the legacy of death and horror they accomplished.

And so we know that there are an abundant number of stories like this. There can never be a lack of stories like this, but we are responsible for these events. Yes by commission or omission. “Am I my Brother’s keeper?”, said Cain.

Scattered upon that Freeway where the girl jumped to her death were several people in tears. Traumatized. Yes, the vehicles struck the young girl and the young girl’s action struck the drivers of the vehicles. Lives impacted. There is something always calling, wishing to communicate wanting to come to the forefront. One of the two boys who conducted the atrocity, it was said of him that he used to cut himself as a daily practice. People who do this, have said that relief is accomplished by this action.

Something is always calling. The parents of these two boys knew nothing about this. About the bullying at school, so it was said. Stated. From within that boy who would cut himself, something was calling. The surroundings worked, in the case of the boys, in the case of the girl, a thing was calling, was provoked, inflamed until it had its way. Day to day this inner voice was given shape until it spoke quite loud and tragically. The world heard. “Am I my Brother’s keeper?”

The Biblical connection is attributed to the Genes. But of course, the majority of us would discount this. This is for dumb and narrow-minded people attributing such a control in life. After all, has not science proven that such thinking is a myth. Relative to a myth.

“Am I my Brother’s keeper” means (Biblically) we are connected. There was an origin to our behavior. Adam fell, strayed from God’s original intent for man. This was the price of Free Will. Man would choose himself as opposed to God. God’s Life, through this action, was then forfeited. Yes, I and my Brother are connected. Well then, how does this relate to on the one hand; Two boys who slaughtered 13 and wounded twenty took their lives as well, and traumatized many, and a girl who through difficulties at home and bullying at school decided to end her own life? 

What is the connection?

It begins with “Content and Accountability”.

Yes, the content is that we are, by means of our Father Adam, a Voided Creation. And what does this mean? We are Hollow within, Dead within, minus God’s Life we are Nothing, as Nothingness. In possession of Death. And this death within proves to be a bad and dark message. Harrowing, and we need to be educated as to this presence within before it is caused, aggravated enough that it takes over and overwhelms us.

Bullying, criticizing, being assessed, found to be lacking in any way, accounted short, yes all these invoke the Innate Void within. And it can drown our being, even cause us to give it voice. This is what bullying can elicit.

Listen the Void is Intuited. 

This means that it is Directly known. No words, no introduction, we just know it. Certainty. Conviction. And an occupying horror. 

How do we know anything? Huh? Why my dear fellows; we know stuff through assessing, studying a thing or things. We might start with “a” and then move on to “b”, and so on and so on until our calculating leads us to a sufficient level where we arrive at a conclusion relative to a thing or things. But if you have something primordial within, such as Death, such as Darkness, emptiness telling you of your end, where you belong, the nothingness that you add up to, belong to, and worse you intuit this; know it Directly without words but with certainty, with conviction then it is that you need to run out from within that innate truth and create Redemption Dramas. And ladies and gents…..

Sometimes they (The Redemption Drama) can be, due to the fact that they are outfitted with our Voided State, ghastly and harrowing such as the two boys, and the poor bullied girl demonstrated to the world. Death will out. If it abides within unattended, undealt with like any medical condition it will show. 

No amount of niceties, of science or man created mental reasoning is qualified to deal with these things.

The thing within is always calling. Creating the state of things.

And so it is that as unscientific as it might appear, unpsychological, you and I need the Life of God. It is what it is! 

My heart deeply was wounded when I heard about both tragedies. Heartbroken. Knowledge is the aid. Remember that all of our preoccupations are Redemption Dramas, Void Guises, Void Mirroring. Jesus is the stem. The answer which can stem the tide. 

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I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


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