Void Realization

We have skirted around this subject. Hinted at it but the import, significance of it, we have not examined. Trust me, I kid you not.

The gist of this next study is framed with the Concept of Void Mirroring. We will attempt to emphasize that the Void Innate within all of us is, without a doubt Death. Why? Because the presence, the very presence of the Void within is Oblivion, IE Where we will end up in the end of all things relative to our individual existence. Each and every one of us has an appertainment to account for. Why? Because we lack the Life of God, and before you drop off from reading this, attempt please to summarize all of life because I can. Meaning that how humankind is overwhelmingly concerned with obtaining Value, worth, and significance, this practice deceptively will appear as a “Positive” add on to “Being”, existing. But here’s the thing…..

Keep in mind that I bring up Duality quite often. It is a wonderful concept, a great school of thought. It helps one in discerning, for example; When people are conflicted, will proceed with one action while thinking, believing themselves to want to achieve another. Self-delusion.

So, the Void is mirrored in two ways, and the reason for this is that man, as a fallen creation is himself, a duality. Fallen man became confirmed in that Duality when he chose to disobey God. When he chose His way as opposed to God’s way. His word as opposed to God’s Word. Fallen man is a Dichotomy, two part being, Soul/Body being. As is readily assessed; This Soul/Body culmination is minus the Life of God.

As to the Void’s dual mirroring, it is Like and Unlike. Positive and Negative. This instruction being submitted that we become aware of the Duplicity of the Void, how it impacts our Psyche. How we are susceptible to its presence. The significance of this must not be wasted on us.

You see this means that due to these dualities emerging from the Void, the Void being zero value makes it essentially concluded that these equations wind up as nothing, zero.

Void value always equals zero value, and the Void always has the last laugh. 

“If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same..” Kipling. 

This thought is so descriptive of the lie, the fiction manufactured by our psyche due to the presence of the Void Innate. We react to things, situations, gauges supplied by the Void as its presence is felt by our Psyche and all this done merely to offset the absence of the Life of God in us.  

In Summary…..

A) What we accept as “reality” is a value system erected by our psyche’s being impacted by the significance of the Void Innate. IE Emphasizing where we will end up in eternity, Spiritual Death. Oblivion, nothingness…..

B) The Void Innate is responsible for the Value Systems we live with in life. Things, ideals we find ourselves drawn to, live by and are enlisted by as pastimes. 

C) Consider Suicide; It is but Void Mirroring. Why? Because (think with me please….) the gauges established by the Void (working through our Psyches being impacted by the meaning of the abiding Void presence) tend to employ many as Assessors to criticize, ostracize, bully others to serve our individual lack and so it turns out that the recourse of some is to Fulfill the Void, IE Mirror it in Death overwhelmingly, finding no love, no mercy for it is the Spirit, the Life of God which truly loves, and not the Void Innate. And so Suicide is Void Mirroring. How tragic, how sorrowful. 

D) Lastly; Remember the Duality of Positive/Negative is an illusion. The Servant of God has some worldly thing or is deprived of it, both these situations are equal. Both find God as Good, evaluate Him as Gracious. These situations are Void mirrored into our lives created as the Void impacts our Psyche to keep us distracted, believing that we have a value outside of God. 

E) Ultimately it is up to us.  Because out of the trauma inflicted upon our psyche due to the Void’s presence, the intuited significance that Voided means we are waste material awaiting annihilation of our Soul in eternal torments, and require Redemption, Repurchase that we might go back to our relationship with God, it is up to us to will to return unto God. 

F) The only true Value is that which the Void drives us to replace, to substitute, The Life of God made accessible to us through the ransom paid at the Cross of Calvary that we might possess His Life. Spend Eternity with Him. 

Remember, the Psyche is the Soul as it is indoctrinated with communication skills, thoughts, and preferences. There can be no understanding of the human mind without referencing the Fall of man as recorded in the Bible. 

Thanks for reading.

I can be reached at; turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


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