A Wrap-Up

We need to achieve some clarity. Well, we have; The Void. Redemption Dramas. Duality and a few other ordinates employed in this study of Human Nature based on the Biblical pieces of evidence. Yes, we also employed in the Study Karen Horney’s conclusion that Psychology could never attain to the First Anxiety. That treatment was good but not able to complete the job of full recovery for the patient.

We stated in no uncertain terms that the man (humankind) himself comes to this earthly plane with the First Anxiety. That is the cavity within, that thing which is the earnest of Oblivion within. Appertainment, Designation, Discard, the Void Innate and it will not be disowned. 

The Void Innate colors all that we do. It is that which sends us on a quest to deny its presence. Contradiction. It is our drive source. In fact, due to its presence is why we have but two Kinds of People in the world; Obscurity Seeker and Celebrity Seeker. 

However, these two tags are “Dominant tags”. The implication is that “Sub-Dominantly” they possess their counterpart’s trait. IE that the Obscurity Seeker has dreams o f one day being a Celebrity, while the Celebrity Seeker has yearnings of being Obscure at times. The human being is driven to enact these two types due to indoctrination and the presence of the Void Innate. Everything, all experience is subject to the presence of the Void Innate. So it behooves the Celebrity Seeker to Self Dethrone. Just as examples of this tendency we have Richard Nixon with Watergate coming back to bite him in the arse. Michael Jackson holding that toddler over the balcony. Bill Cosby with you know what…….And much more including those who suicide on sleeping pills, substance abuse etc. This is Void Mirroring, the presence of the Void will not be denied, it is an indictment against humankind.

How the Obscurity Seeker is impacted by indoctrination and the Void is witnessed in a pact made for life. The possibility of being “Unloved” comes to the mental forefront of the child’s Psyche due to events (whatever infant Psyche assessments may represent) and so the lifelong portrayal will take place of self-derailment to concede the Psychological assessment; “It isn’t that I am “Unlovable” but that I am bad. And so in order to have Value (Yet this is Void Value, remember) Obscurity seeker now keeps this Vow between his Psyche and the Void (pressure) by living a life of limitations. Curving deeds so as either to self-destruct (substance abuse, never achieving, etc..) so as not to be confronted ever again with the erroneous verdict that he/she is unlovable, but instead is bad. 

Is flawed, inept, evil etc..

To think I am unlovable is an inheritance, a trauma impacted to our Parents, Adam and Eve. The Void Innate guarantees that we will be influenced by this inherited Trauma. 

You see the very presence of the Innate Void will not leave us to rest. The Celebrity Seeker is the other side of the Dual Coin. He/she due to the sad message which the Void carries is driven to be successful, and this too is subject to events in youth which invoked the Void through indoctrination experienced. 

But you see the Duality…..

How the presence of the Void has impacted our Psyche simply is summarized in the fact that man has a Soul. For the Psyche is Formed by the Soul, living to breathe through the Physical, able to calculate and thus out of Fear given substance by the presence of the Void Innate, its significance that we are waste material, not as heroic as we dramatically (Redemption Dramas and Romantic Redemption Dramas) conclude self. 

Duality is ever present. These are the things to work with, and not the lie we project due to our Psychological fear we are pressured into due to the presence of the Void Innate. 

It culminates for us as humans that the Bible, The Biblical Fall of man harbors all the truth we need to live this earthly existence. To find true fulfillment. That we have the import of the Biblical message to obscurity, to religion due to our being impacted by the presence of the Void Innate. Yes, merely because our Psyche manufactured to reason and compute has fabricated a complex web of distraction, made a hero out of man through Redemption Dramas. 


I have purposely made a bogeyman out of the Void to stress the urgency that we should address its presence. Deal with the Void Innate.  

It is the only way we might actually and truly live. Be free. Breathe. Attain to God’s original intent for us. This is why we have literature, art, film all pastimes performed in an attempt to satiate, appease the Void Innate. And yes, false religions, exercises, rituals enacted as obeisances to the meager god of death, the Void Innate. 

I am sorry for you, but the only true warning voiced by what should be classified as Religion, which in truth identifies the presence of the Voided State of man is that which tells of a life owed God in order that man might be redeemed, redeemed in order to deal with the presence of his Voided State. 

To prepare mankind to take his place next to God. To change the earthly Void kingdom, Void influence into that of the Influence of the Life of God returned to mankind. 

The Son of God giving His Life a ransom for many. Jesus Christ. His Story has clarity. Now, however, the Void impacting the Psyche of mankind has greatly obscured this truth. 

In my school of thought, it is clear that in Suicide it is the Void which succeeds in being mirrored due to the pressure applied to the Psyche by this world as the Void impacted have made it. It is The Void Innate’s impress upon the Psyche which creates chaos. The Spirit of God, His Life returned to us which orchestrates “Clarity”. 

Thanks, and til the next time we meet.

I can be reached at; turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


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