In Depth; Regret

We should say more about “Regret”. If only I had done this…..that……???????

Sometimes regret, the specter of, is not dressed with these words when brought to mind, but instead, simply cocooned in a pang of pain, a wince we are deeply and profoundly immersed in as a memory is brought before our mind’s eye. A ghost which rises to the fore. We did not intend to bring it up, the inherent function of association did its job in disinterring it.

The serious problem is…..

We have this imprinted within our Psyche. We choose to ignore this terrible intent of the looming of Regret. However, mistakenly, and this is worse, we address it by following up on it. Whether our regret was vestured in a missed opportunity or a gross wrong inflicted by an immature version of us, it must be met and dealt with correctly due to the regime it has been dispatched from to afflict us.

It pours forth from “death” within us, yes that same core which makes us grow old and die, head towards deterioration, towards the grave. The consignment of this phenomenon in the aforesaid terms is hailed from (according to so-called science) a myth, a superstition……

The Bible, the Word of God.


The terms as outlined in the Bible tend to reveal themselves, demonstrate themselves as more realistic and pragmatic, more honest even than the heroic speculations bestowed upon us by this same and prestigiously intended pseudo-science.  

The cry of “science” is couched in unrealistic expectations, whereas the Bible actually reveals our configuration realistically as flawed. Science has been led by the nose to see what message the Bible has as one concerned with “Rehabilitation”. Rehabilitation is precisely what life, living as we see it outside of God is all about, and that is why our intentions of erecting utopias fail, must fail for they, such crusades are powered and birth by Psychological contrast. IE out of our flawed state, out of our Voided State. The same state of which the Bible has the sense, logic to investigate, and declare us to emanate from. To proceed from in pursuit of heights of glory. IE as our Soul, our Psyche is affected, impacted. But think, it is out of our forlornness that we pursue perfection. We are indeed forlorn as Sartre phrases it, with the exception that forlornness is our, yes our reaction to our state and not the will of God. What we do, how we perceive a matter is all on us. 

Whatever ideals we raise up as little gods, erect to follow with the exception of the True God, are will o’ the wisps. Acts of desperation for we have intuited the Void within. The fact that we are Spiritually deficient, dead and in need of true Life.

While in God, mentally we are under a new regime. We are emissaries of a Kingdom of healing, of Power and of love. Believing is the all in all of what we do. Our life source. But accessing this fountain means that we must be on guard for creeping phantasms which attempt to seduce and hold hostage our imaginings. Suck the life out of us and Regret is one of these leeches employed to reduce our impact on living, on existing. 

So, in summary…..

“The quest for perfection is born out of imperfection”

It is because, as the Bible states, that we are a failed creation, which fell through disobedience thus forfeiting the Life of God first gifted to be a part of our configuration that we react with the pursuit of the little god “perfection”. That simple, nothing else should be said on the behalf of man’s resource. The Psyche of man as impacted by the inherent Void, brokenness has to play it up, complain and attempt to erect a dead being into one of life, yet it is a pseudo life. Flimsy and to head off into nothingness.

This is why we regret anything whatsoever. 

when you experience regret, see it for what it is; It is the cry of death within seeking to make much of itself and set you back, turn you away from God’s blanket of love, His covering of your imperfections in Christ, as it was accomplished in Christ. 

Thanks for reading, sincerely: MAO

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.



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