Insecurities: Root Causes

1) The Need For Self Effacing;

This is a mechanism which is connected to indoctrination in the home upbringing. The person has a mechanism within which will not allow them to enjoy praise. When I wrote (in posts) about the two kinds of People in the World, I covered this from a simple Template. The two people are Obscurity Seeker, and Celebrity Seeker. Each one is prime dominant their titular designate, and subdominant the other. The Obscurity Seeker is internally programmed to seek obscurity, IE No celebration of self.

2) Why the self effacing? To perpetuate a sorrow;

Somewhere in their upbringing they brushed close quarters with a potential of being adjudged as “Unlovable”. So they, or rather, the human Psyche needed to come up with a plan, a script for life which would help them expiate the possibility of this brush leaving any permanent pain or handicap. It became expedient for the individual to “Discredit” the possible bona fides of this verdict which would conclude the human Psyche as “Unlovable”.
But dualistically, in coming up with this formula, they have but painted on the canvas of their life, proof of this adjudgement. The mind is just remarkable. And you know what?; really not a mystery at all. Yes, it is complex in its ability to self delude, okay, uhuh.

3) “It isn’t that (the indictment, pronouncement) I’m unlovable, no, it is just that…..”

Basically the scapegoating idea is, “…I’m bad.”, or “Useless.”, or “No good.” These must be carried out, these are the punishments, the self inflicted condemnations which are preferred to seeing, concluding self as unlovable. And so a lifetime is spent by these people suffering under these Psychological regimes, to self efface.

4) Obviously, self effacement is carried out by;

Failing. Continuously perpetuating a public persona who is lesser than. Substance abusers, failing to hold down a job, support a family, maintain a relationship (varied). These folk at times find themselves in a dark place, in tears, without hope.

5) The masks of self effacement are creative ones, varied.

Even Suicide can evolve out of this situation. The human mind is creative.

6) Of course what created this contract was…

a) Misapplication (initially) concluding self as lovable due to some indoctrination. The Psyche was instrumental in making this conclusion.
b) Picture for yourself the basic attention lavished upon the infant. The Psyche took it from there.
c) Then the converse indoctrination, which brought about the Jolt, the changeup. For some of course this was more brutal than for others.
d) And of course there are those who experienced so little of the positive, but instead the negative. We won’t address these. Sorry.

7) One important key understanding is….

This is very frightening for the human mind; to be concluded as “Unlovable”. But why, why is this thought (conjecture) so frightening?

8) Because this thought;

Is Void invoking. The Void is intuited and invoked, it looms before the human Psyche.

9) What is the Void?;

It is something we all enter this earthly sphere with. An emptiness within. The Void is the reason why we occupy self with obtaining value, worth, even erect a persona which we must perpetuate on a hour by hour basis.
The Void’s history, how it came about within all humans dates back to primordial times.

10) The Void’s beginnings date back to the First man, Adam;

The Fall of man, as described in the Bible is a true incident. The absence of the Spirit of God is what produced the Void in humanity.

Return for part two, thanks for visit, and for reading. Sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az)
Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG (Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book


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