Miguel’s Love Poem (yet again, oooweee)

I resurrect here for the umpteenth time, a love poem of which I am very proud. It expiated for me what I had undergone during a tempestuous romantic relationship. This was a definitive one, oh yea. And so the poem was an affirmative response to it. There was a time in my life where all I wrote was poetry. But had I not pursued other means of expression I would not be what I am today. I had to move. Without further ado, here is Miguel’s Love Poem….

“And The Stars Fell”

There was something about you.
I was moved, but unaware.
There was a big doubt too
of all which lay there.

The most insane romance
I’d ever known.
I saw it all askance,
not fully blown.

I was then, not attracted to you.
Your intentions, a mystery.
There I was, not a single clue.
No, never in that history
did any relationship take this road.
At work, our paths would not cross.
Not an inkling of the load was forebode.
Came the pitch, came the toss.

There you were, sitting across from me.
So friendly, it was beyond words.
It had just but begun amazing me.
Introduction on wings of birds.

We became close friends.
I was very comfortable with that.
Round fast winding bends.
An extraordinary turn at the bat.

I still remember that day at work
that we first sat together.
Upon my face, a ridiculous smirk,
and the comment as to whether
the stars would fall now
that in seating we were banded.
Would I’d not said that, no how,
oh, hated script, I’d been handed!

For it was then the moment,
that having been said,
led the fates to foment
the cataclysm ahead.

Oh, they’ve had their laugh,
oh foolish me,
I should have done the math.
I did not foresee.

Oh, we had a nice run, really.
We were incredibly compatible.
The death knelled shrilly
Of relentless hell indefatigable.

In the face of it all
we “loved” so very deeply,
now rolled up into a ball
careening downhill steeply.

And to join that hopeless vision,
there it was, chiming in
like a masterful incision
announced by an orchestral din.

Yup, The Stars Fell,
colliding all about us.
The air did swell.
P.A.; All Out Da Bus!

So much death and devastation
which then severed our relation.
An instant levered consternation
served to lend us more frustration.

So here I walk among cosmic conflagration.
This is the cost of a “love” surpassing.
thus inspiring resentment and sheer botheration
for in having been was but trespassing
all boundaries set forth at earth’s foundation.
At the least, Starfall was irretrievable.
Such unsanctioned “love” would cause inundation
of ordinates, a thing beyond aggrievable.

It was a circle, I see it now,
set in motion by my remark that day.
So, to the fates, I owe the final bow.
They mercilessly deigned to end the fray.

Though I was outmatched and had no guile,
they chewingly gnawed my heart the while
I bled and died within a faded smile.
Look There, behold the blood-drenched mile.

You ask me why yet I remain
among debris of stars broke asunder?
I relive moments in the stain.
I laugh at an irony born of wonder.

This tribute given a “love” so mere.
This monument before you here.
Envious of “love” born but to disappear.
Could this be made louder, and clear?

Tho the stars gave witness to our “love”
as if it were sent from God above;

It was not, I tell you true,
for it’s made up of me and you!

The End


Thanks for the time given to view this, sincerely; MAO

I could be reached at kingrat1397@gmail.com, or at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az)



  1. Wow, Miguel. This is epic. So open, so raw…a true glimpse into your soul. I loved it so much. And, weirdly, I have a similar one (not on this level, however!) but one about a broken love that was also tempestuous. I had posted it months ago, but then I accidentally deleted it, so maybe a repost at some point.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for liking it, I appreciate it. The poem took about over two years I believe to get done first time either a draft for it and then years later after we been broke up for the final time that’s when I began to work on it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey, I was dictating that above to my phone and it stole it away to you. So I had no chance to put the punctuations (not important, however). But yes it was a situation where I’d left this woman so often. Because she did some crazy stuff. But love among humans being what it is because we’re in the equation, yes it was the most powerful relationship I’d ever had.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Trust me there’s no need to explain, just let it go. It’s just that I was between answering on the phone and answering on the laptop. And that’s when a comment or reply was disappeared but it doesn’t matter, it’s not important but thank you so much, you have enough problems without me adding to them.


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