Behold; The Teacher

I am a Teacher. It, this shows up in my posts if you are listening and observing (see even here I employ “Teaching Concerns”).

Now on the average when approaching such a construct as the Teacher we would come with open hearts, wow a teacher lays before us. One who desires to give direction to those who are either uninformed or misinformed. Lofty, yes lofty office of the “Teacher”.

“Goodbye, Mr. Chips” and all that type of rot, hip hip cheerio (s?) and let’s not forget “To Sir With Love” (the song by Lulu sold that film though Sidney was a favorite of mine at the time). “The Blackboard Jungle” is another good teacher movie. And especially good is “The Browning Version” (later one I prefer with Albert Finney).

What am I doing, just making movie suggestions….

Well, ahem (there’s a cheap “ahem” for you).

I taught Children’s Church and Sunday School for many years and was totally bowled over when given my first Adult class to teach. I had been passed over due to politics, the year before that, that’s why it meant so much to me to get my first Adult class, I knew I was ready for it way back.

Of course, you know the Great Teacher is the Holy Ghost. Where would I be without Him, His Filling, His Love, His Power, His enabling? This (the following) is a little bit funny because it took me awhile to realize that I was a Teacher. You see, though I taught, I didn’t know that I “was” a Teacher, IE that I had a specific calling from the Lord. Funny right? It turned out that after my first adult class, various men, and those who were in the ministry (for I hadn’t been Ordained yet till later) themselves affirmed this for me. “You really are a Teacher…..” was told me. Before that I had neither questioned it or thought about this, I just knew that I wanted the job and that I did teach.

How could I not have seen it, why did God allow me to be blind to this gift. Overlooked for this post (I had been given) was one man who wanted to teach that class who was an ordained minister. Let me tell you, it took a special Pastor to give the job of a Teacher to a Layperson. IE He knew I had the gift before I did.

It’s like (not quite) the Wizard giving the Tin Man a heart when his actions were already giving voice, witness to him already being in possession of one.

That same Pastor had me preach to an assembly of Pastors at a Church Planters meeting while I was still a Layperson in the Church. Such has been my journey. Loaded with surprises. Pleasant and lovely surprises.

Here I am at your service, the Teacher. My journey.

Thank you for reading, sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az)
Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG (Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish, and English, Florida) both on Facebook


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