“Conflict And Sickness” or; “No, my precious Fantasia….”

The import which singles out this subject-matter is more affecting, more encompassing around our everyday existence than we are conscious of. This is not the first time I have singled out this subject. There are mythical conclusions accepted relative to this matter.

a) The world at large bears an ignorance of convenience concerning this matter. And it was all started by the very esteemed and so-called “scientific” community. The belief was very early spread that the Religious practitioners had burdened mankind with a Psychological and affecting guilt. A guilt which was laden with impacting results. IE Sickness.

In short, those who grew up around the Church, the Bible, would turn out to be afflicted with so much guilt that they could wind up sick, emotional cripples which could be beset by self, time bombs of susceptibility reserved by their subconscious in order to preserve a religious self-assertion ingrained by their religious credibility. IE fulfilling their role as sincere followers, enacting through guilt a judgment which will be faithful to their credences. Go along with their beliefs. And so result in sickness, crippling diseases.

b) In part, yes, these scientific entities were right. It was “religion” (quote unquote) which succeeded in enacting this public portrayal for those who sought to be faithful practitioners of their belief in God. Where these venerable “scientist” went astray, could not be avoided, and I will tell you why as much as is possible, in a blanketing fashion.

This delusion was promulgated by the presence of the Void Innate. This is the kingdom of the Void in us which gave substance to the conscious practice, the susceptibleness, inevitably of working with the externals. 

Our visible infirmities merely mirror the truth, the extant presence of our indictment; we are dead in trespasses and sin. The body, yes the body of Death, proof that we are born of Adam who forfeited the Life of God. 

It, working with the externals, is like a mass hypnotic conveyance gripping the bulk of humankind. 

c) The “religious” body of practitioners observed by the scientific community were in fact, not acquainted with God. They were a veneer, a shale upon the roof, the citadel constructed by the Void, the Void’s house of worship erected to appease innate procured prejudices from the mind of man, grease for making its presence within, one which would remain intact. Remain in control, powering still, undeterred in its function to exist. 

Get this; The above paragraph itself is played and parlayed by the Psyche, pictured in our writer’s creative consciousnesses as Sci-Fi stories depicting a mind-controlling host or invading entities which seek to conquer humankind.

These too are products of the veneer, the externals which afford us respite from acknowledging the presence of the Void Innate.

This is the Void impacting our Psyche so that we buy into the “externals”. Making of the externals Negotiables. 

I know that all the preceding is just too much to absorb. But if you are able, stick with me. Though perhaps remaining undigested (IE my schooling on this subject) until time passes, hang out with me and allow me to continue.

d) Man’s Psyche at the helm.

I have often coupled the Void and the Psyche in my talks. IE when I mention the Void I refer to its impression upon our mind, our Soul, our being. And from this, out of this pours forth our creativeness. 

The proof that we are Voided within can be seen in our sinking our eyeteeth into the pastimes of worshipping “Perfection”, our pursuit of ideals, utopias, and pristine kudos sought by individuals and applauded by us. 

Our Psyche impacted by the presence of the Void within has exerted dominance in our very institution of the home. Yes and not only in literature, in romance and the rest of our accepted norms. 

In our protocols is demonstrated the big bite which the Void doth take out from us. Our tribute, a tax paid it in the hopes that we can purchase some respite, some peace. Time, we are playing for time and from this pours forth sickness and all mental disablements which can be attributed to the mind, man’s Psyche. 

These practices reveal us as worshippers, as superstitious. Can you beat that, can you beat it! No, is the answer, no, as long as we remain ignorant and under the shackles of the Void’s impact upon our Psyche we remain its pawns. 

Beautiful Fantasia once said to me; “Dad, so there is no escaping the Void, the Void always wins!” and having said this, she bought into the complete purview of the Void. Of course, she was wrong.

e) True Science begins with the recognition of the Presence of the True God.

Otherwise, we will remain under the Void invested pursuits. Remember the movie; “The Matrix”. Yes, we live “expiation”. Under a trance, loaning credentials to superstition, worshippers one and all.  Our reality is a fraud. 

The way out is God. 

Yes, fake religion can affect our Psyche and lead to illness. Yes, we push away the true practice of the worship of God by portraying worship as ineffectual, and by so doing, the Void Innate is served tribute.  It is crucial for us to see that we are that which we despise; active in the worship of a god and its name is the Void Innate.

f) Lastly; God can heal, yes, and putting God into a correct perspective within the human horizon can result in healing but that must include precedence, yes, the precedence that God comes first; So be it, Lord, thy will be done.

Recognition of the Void should be just in that conversely it should point us to God. Paul had an ailment which was believed to be his eyesight (by Bible scholars) and he resolved in his heart that God thought it expedient that this ailment remain that it may escort Paul’s faith. Things temper our being. How wonderful and how lovely that things temper our resolution to pay tribute to God and not to the Void.

g) Summary;

Sickness is the soldier, the rascal, rapscallion of the Void’s affectation upon us, employing fake preoccupative worship. The Void is death. O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory? Answer; Rolled away, rolled away, rolled away, every burden of my heart rolled away. 

Jesus and the heart, Jesus, and the heart is where it all lies. How He brings peace, how my certainty is propounded by adversarial circumstance. Nevertheless, Lord, your will be done. Sickness can complement the Faith.

The Void Innate is the earnest of hell, of Oblivion, of Designation, of ownership, that being Waste, Discard. Because we are born of Adam and in need of redemption, repurchase back to our God. 

I pray for you that you would consign its presence back to the lord of darkness and move ye, move ye towards God in servitude. In family. In love. Let God be sovereign in your thoughts and heart despite circumstances. 

Though frail be this body, won in Adam by Satan, allow yourself to render unto Caeser, prepare to leave it behind as he so wished to make Discard out of your Soul as well. Only Believe. 

The Christ…..and the Father…..

He has paid the tribute owed that ye no longer remain under the kingdom of the Void. No, my precious Fantasia, the Void doth not always win. 

I can be reached at turbans713@kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az)
Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG (Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish, and English, Florida) both on Facebook


10 thoughts on ““Conflict And Sickness” or; “No, my precious Fantasia….”

    1. Bless you dear. You are so giving. I think that you have been well equipped by our God. Not trying to patronize (perhaps succeeding?? Um??) but I am so proud at having made your acquaintance.

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      1. Any teacher, or representative of God always holds within his/her aspirations to be gifted a pupil with a heart towards the lesson. Blessed and honored (we have to stop meeting like this….lol).

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    Here’s one from 2017, April, which also missed covering the subject about three quarters in. But don’t sleep on it for it offers a whole lot of other things. One more thing; This includes an exchange between me and Fantasia (Daughter), and for some reason when I include family in my posts they flourish the more. ???? I supposed I am so beloved that my children become curiosities and subjected to that love (lol). Wink.


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