Is and Isn’t

Look all around you, what do you see; Dualities

Everything has a counterpart. Counterparts. This is a gauge, one thing or the other, simple isn’t it? And this, for most of us is the form the breakdown, the development of things end up in. Is and isn’t. One thing or the other.

A child is brought up in a home. Well then, the child experiences one type of treatment, the best the parent can come up with. And the difficulties arise. The Guardian, Parent is neglectful in something, unjust, imperfect, a poor example. The offspring becomes collateral damage. The impression upon the child is; “I will never do that”, either to their kids or to others. And so what one thinks is “character”, individuality is adopted as “identity”. But it was us being had. Manipulated by human deficiencies all too willing to expose us for the lack we possess, the flaw. The dance, we do the dance. Played. Life does this. And we sleep on it.

In Losing Your Mind; Find It…..

But this is God’s offering to us, this is different, this a wonderful rabbit hole full of wonder, peace, and love.

Yes; The Answer to all Mysteries in Life is in the Paradox. The “Is and Isn’t”.

And this is why that reference Book we call, know as the Bible, the Word uses the Paradox because if God Be God He is the Author of mysteries. The keeper of Secrets. The Key. Exactly the Answer.

Duality offers the person, the mind an opportunity to find the singularity of clarity. Completion, wholeness as God intended had we kept His Spirit in Father Adam. I speak of Adam having forfeited the Life of God, having slept on it with the end result being to show, culminate in our weakness, prone to wander. Fickle, choice gets to us, flaunted before our face and we take the bait, bite.

Is and isn’t; Irony uses opposites, yes, contrasting conflicting thoughts. Duality is an ordinate which stems from the human’s configuration, A Dichotomous being. What we know as “Man” is a Duality, a dichotomy, a two part being; Soul and Body. The mind of man cannot outrun the truth of Duality. In fact, man is plagued by his dichotomous makeup.

Run your head pass that; Is and Isn’t our choices which come in varied designs yet all they amount to is “Is and Isn’t”, with or without salad, with or without nuts. Will you have both then it contrasts with having one, or none. There is always the contrast, you know…..

Don’t be afraid to Consider the Bible, the Christian offering of Christ upon the Cross. Listen, yes, we have made a mess of things “Christian”, fouled up the waters, but for you, yes for “You” it could be what you have been missing, your ticket out of the “Is and Isn’t”.

You can make all the difference in the world. You walk onto those grounds with a heart full of hope and expectation beyond the “Is and Isn’t”, beyond the mediocre.

I can be reached at, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az)
Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG (Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish, and English, Florida) both on Facebook


5 thoughts on “Is and Isn’t

    1. Thank you so much. Tell you something; Often I start to write a post intending to make one point then find it impossible and have to veer and stick to the point which has been the most obvious (happened here). Because this is a rich universe of a school of thought which the Lord has given me. It is in there (In my Soul) and I weary to explain it, to put forth a system which could be received by my brothers and sisters but I have to learn to be content and patient with what her permits me to share. But you appear to be one of those people who is good at understanding this stuff. My daughters (naturally) are good at understanding it. They are so gifted. But I am grateful that you are hereabouts. Thanks.

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      1. Thank you again in a heartfelt way, really. One point I set out to make was that the “Is and Isn’t” are one and the same, no different one from the other, that we are in dark concerning this point, truth. But it is in there nonetheless, but not in focus. But you are so gifted. Have you found your calling? Are involved in things beneath your calling? You make me curious. And I don’t intent a facade of superiority. No. Apologize if it comes across this way.

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