And Another FB post 4/29/17

I remember a story told about the Rough Riders.
Way before the head guys along with Roosevelt went up San Juan Hill they had met as friends, members of an exclusive Club (I think headquartered in NY). These were adventurers a la Hemingway (relative to the ones in my story, though others were actual horsemen, outdoorsy types).
Sons of Society folk.
The one story I love is that of one of them, can’t remember his name but this guy, although he went along hid from a lot of the fighting for he was scared.
Well at one time after being grateful for an injury which took him back to the safety of the medics at camp, passing the time and bored now. He was listening to this black man talk about the dying men he had witnessed talk about their Mommas. Asking for their Mothers in death.
He (the fearful man), in listening to the black man recount these testimonials of the dying men, now found himself to be yearning for his Mom, his sweet Mother. The thought of His Mother coupled with these dying brave men linked itself deeply, so profoundly in fact, that with a foot injury, awkwardly he begged the black man to help him find his boots, for he was going back into the battle.
These two now, he and the black man, headed back into the fray.
Don’t recollect if he lived or died, but the important thing to remember is “Value”. Yes, we are in need of significance. And so lacking it, this man, afraid, found some in the combining of brave dying fighters along with childhood memories of his mom. What we won’t do for Value, to identify with it.


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