congratulations are in order, perhaps even a trophy awarded.
Fell again while running ’bout the house.
Splat. This while trying to kick something out my way as I ran, happened beautifully so quick. The left hand is shaking as I type.
Quite an accomplishment. Blood running down the nose while attempting to get up. Sucking up air to help the blood dry.
Looked in the mirror, does not look like the nose was broken again (first time was against five assailants in manhattan, NYC) maybe I will look prettier, huh.
If you wonder why I post this; Only excitement in my life, have.
(among the known reasons).
I’m fine, don’t be concerned.
Have a lovely day to all my beautiful friends.



    • yes thank you. My arms helped. It could have been a solo nose kiss had it not been for my hands and forearms. I new this time I gone beyond, but for a moment thought I could be wrong, but the nose bleed I anticipated did flow. I’m fine, just the after adrenaline pains coming through. But I am well. Thanks for your concerns dear.

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