“You Aint Seen Nuthin Yet Until God Breaks You”

Here’s a very old post, I was just a kid when I delivered this as a message in front of Life Line Baptist Church of Brooklyn New York for the first time. I have blogged it an posted it in online zines so many times but it is just too popular.


Count it to be an opportunity. A time when His Holy Presence, and Spirit is able to shed light from within you out through the cracks of your breaking.
Yes, He breaks your security (not founded upon Him) , your sleep of illusion, your bed of roses.
He breaks your illusion of self, the miasma of incorrect perceptions, illusory assessments, and shines upon the lives of the ones who could not have anticipated that their deliverance, nurture, feeding, and hope,  would come at the expense of your breaking.

The formula for breaking; found in Mathew 14:15-21
Jesus had been addressing the multitudes for a great length. The disciples bring to His attention that, it is getting late, to send them (multitude) off (for they were content just to stand about, and hear Him.) that they might obtain food for themselves.
“Give ye them to eat.”, is Jesus’ response. For as much as they…

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