Meaning And Romance;……

If we make the observation….

That love gives us meaning, yet we are talking about “our” idea, our conception of what “Love” is, IE dramatic or seemingly undramatic “Romantic Relationships”, then clearly we as obtaining “Meaning” from such episodes are defined by them (episodes).

What this entails, means, is that the difficulties, the drama, yes, even the outcomes of such episodes are needed and descriptive lessons, messages, definitions (defining) of who we are as a individual person. 

In Reserve however….

Put into perspective; The Love of God relative to human intercourse (traffic), relative to RR for it is not tainted by our human frailties, our drama and our need to hide, find haven away from our Innate Void. 

Our basic component will not be dominated. No matter all the myths and drama we dress it in it will always poke holes in our masquerades. It will mirror itself no matter how we build constructs which though driven from it appear as opposing.

Take note, Tom, Dick, Harry/Mary, Elizabeth, Cynthia……

Sadly, in the homeless shelter, we are bombarded with axioms, cliches, colloquialisms. Such as; Definition of insanity being “…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Yes, this is us, our lives.

It (the romantic relationship) is a hiding place, and why? Because we find the reflection there (in the romantic relationship) comforting, And why? Because in being involved in one (RR=romantic relationship) we have succeeded in mirroring that which Innately we must instinctively mirror in order to reconcile our Innate, our Voided state. 

Let’s get one thing straight…..

I’m not here to tell you not to stay in a RR, no….

I ‘m not here to tell you never to fall in love, no….

My role, my function for the moment is to give you a kind of understanding of the RR, why we are driven, prone to fall in love and why we stay in undramatic RR’s, and worse; Why we stay in abusive RR’s.

Now we do a Yo Gabba Gabba moment; Ah bread it down…..

A) We erect a monument to the RR.

Okay, this is understandable, but we must, should, need to put it into perspective in order to have more productive lives. In most cases unintentionally the poet in us rises to the occasion and places offerings at the foot of the pedestal to the RR. This type of power over us must be analyzed, inspected. 

For you see; The RR is but paying homage, mirroring the Void within. We become a balladeer in life. Paying homage. You see….

Our idea of what is love turns into RR and we become pawns, instruments played by the Void Innate. Trapped in a cycle. Though celebrated by the audience of fellow sufferers simply because we give rise to the similar ail. The Void in man.

At a Call center, a female struck up the subject of “love”. They were waxing poetic. I interjected with; “We fall in love due to our relationship to God, forced to enact a heartbreaking event which is recorded in the Bible, the Biblical fall. So it is that we succumb fallibly to the inclination of the Romantic ideal, and come up with tragedy or somnambulist contentment; IE conformist airs (we endure, remain, settle).”

Of course the response above is patent. Created for this post, but I said something of a kind. One of the female’s eyes bugged out of her skull when she heard this. As they were all talking of the tragedies and dramas of the RR. By the way I also refer to the RR as the RRD. The R’s stand different for “The Romantic Redemption Drama” (search my other posts). It is one of the most powerful of Redemption Dramas manufactured as impressed upon our Soul/Psyche by the primordial impress of the Biblical Fall.

B) The Mechanics of the RR.

It is circular in construct by the Psyche and the heart. Picture the partners standing facing one another. Okay…..

Partner A, in accordance with the dance proffers offerings of its avowals, intents. Physical trophies or flowery (creative poetic speech). This can be adjunct to love making. And so this (having enacted this part of the dance) is like a lifeline thrown to partner B.

Partner B, responds in “Like”. And so this primordial contract, the dance is forwarded. Now these two are locked in this dance primordial destined to fulfill either a positive or a negative drama relative to the Fall of Man. But here is where I forewarn…..

As with all Void/man created dualities; They both have similar Values, IE both positive and negative equal zero values because they originate from the Void. Remember (in my writings) all Void Value equals Zero value (This is life), and (furthermore) the Void always has the last laugh, ask the dying man or look into his eyes.

In departing;

This dance; The Romantic Relationship is very powerful and receives its power from what occurred at the fall. A sorrowful catastrophic event. All events here on earth receive Color, vesture from that event. In fact this is why it is so effective as to break our human spirit (Not the Spirit of God), our emotional hearts when it meets with betrayal, for while in the “Dance” we, each participant created a “IOL”, a image of lovability for one another. One for me and my partner created one for her. This image of lovability created is why we find it impossible to break away from an abusive romantic relationship. 

Insert here that if we practice in the building of a IOL for moi, this is characteristic of “love” as compared to God’s Love.

Why (just an example), a Mother might find herself powerless to confront a non biological dad who is reported to have practiced sexual molestation of her child. This image of lovability is intended to replace the power of the absence of the Life of God in the Soul, the Psyche.

So all PC aside, it (our representative mom) is more than an individual who suffers low self esteem.

I have to stop here due to space. Have gone over already but you can volunteer questions or peruse my posts.

Thanks for your visit.

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.



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