Home, Sweet Home 💐🏡 

This is a well-documented subject, so I wished to reblog it. This is from a most delightful Indian woman, as far as I recollect she has a small immediate family (one son and a husband) for whom she makes many crafty objects. Normally she will show you step by step how to do those items, so I do recommend this blog highly. Go rummage through her wonderful crafty items. They reveal the heart of this generous woman. God bless her.

Creative Crafts DIY

Painted this for another neighbor as a gift 🎁😊

The holidays are here. For many, if not most, this means the season of gift giving. And with gift giving comes a unique opportunity to express ourselves. The motivations to our gift giving range from the purest altruism to the self-serving appreciation of a job well done and the way we give gifts is reflective of our personalities, sometimes even our gender. Typically, the more we care about someone, the more time we spend thinking and worrying about getting just the right gift, that perfect gift that will delight! Gift giving is a universal way of showing that we care and are appreciative. It also serves as a means of strengthening bonds.

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