Investment In Life (part one)

A classic old post.

I had been discussing this with another blogger, and so I have reposted here part one of the series. This is not the first time I have reposted this. I hope you enjoy it.

It is the time I spoke to you about this, though I have mentioned it briefly in some other posts.

Be wary of “Investment”.

I will elaborate;

One time during an early morn fire up, incentive meeting at a very poorly run sales job, the talk was ongoing about a “hook”, how to get the potential client’s interest in our product. How to know if we are gaining a foothold for the sale.

Point was that we could be wasting our time, talking to a corpse and not discern when to stop, kiss the transaction goodbye.

Well, due to the fact that I had engaged for many years in the pursuit of understanding human inclinations (loved Psychology), I put something into the conversational subject.

My contribution was something like this; “When the client has invested something of themselves in the conversation.”

I was targeting a person who would take part in the sales attempt, a client who would ask questions about the product. For some unknown reason, my remark threw the lecturer off balance. She did not at all put a finger on, nor carry my contribution throughout the context.

She just continued with her program.

I was used to this, but always hoping someone could understand what I had to say.

At any rate, I want us to focus on the word “Investment” as if we were using it as a key. A key to aid us in breaking down transactions between us humans. To help us in taking care that we don’t commit ourselves into bargains which buy us grief.

Back, for emphasis, to the lecture in the sales morning fire up.

If the would-be client begins to ask questions about the product, this would be labeled an “Investment”. Once they begin to do that, they are venturing into the area of consideration “probable client”, good prospect. This is someone you want to continue the dialog with.

The questioning, inquiries about the product are their “Investment” as if they are paying dividends already, down payments before any payments.

Now to put this into the perspective of what we want to examine at the moment.

As an example; The Romantic Relationship

You can see in my post, “The Mechanics Of The Romantic Relationship” (archives) that it has three stages.

The first stage is “Investment”. This stage is a bit scary because it is a powerful influencing force upon those who fall into romantic love (not real love).

To make an investment there is like signing a contract. No court will bind us to it, but there is a force, indescribable which pushes us to complete the transaction, carry it out to the end of the game (it is a game).

Must stop here at 457 words for the ease of reading commitment.

Update; Rather than continue reposting the rest of this series I have gathered the URLs under a new post headline: Proceeding “Investment In Life” so look for it if you have an interest (I would…) in continuing this series. Thanks.

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