Best Writing

This post I think was inspired one fine morning. An old post. From more than a year ago.


This is a very simple post. Aimed at highlighting the times I have submitted my best writings.

I’ve started to write (those times) quite alert, fully awake. Then perhaps after some paragraphs (mind you this has taken place after awakening), a overwhelming sleep overtakes me. I’m almost lopsided as I type, for I wish to keel over and lay asleep upon the floor right there (laugh, it’s okay).

The magic transpires when, I fight it. When I fight it is that something takes over. I’m on auto pilot. Mind you there is no speed when this occurs, no. In fact, I droop, lean to the right generally, and my head just wobbles on my shoulders. A lot of pauses, actually not possessing a inkling of what is coming next, stops because I have no idea how to frame the thought I have begun. But there is no giving in. No relinquishing, instead…

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