The Shy Individual (Pt.2)

In pt.1 we covered the tendency of the one indoctrinated to the portrayal of a life of shyness to “Counter Bid” out of discontent, an “Extreme” character portrayal. Intentionally posing in an opposing personality pole. Doing this by the shy person is not unusual. Though it terrifies them, brings them a case of nerves. Anger at a kind of destiny, defiance at the cast of the dice (so to speak). They engage in contraries. Going against what appears to be their nature. But this is a sort of bluster on their behalf. Substantiated by fear. A dread; “This is not me”, IE This terrified (socially), shy person. I am destined for greater things. I will not settle.

We find the children of affluence, comfort, luxury surrendering self up to a paradoxical life as has been the case at times recorded. Patty Hearst, citing one instance among many. I took the time to point this out so that becoming aware of this occurrence we avoid it. Yes, a bad turn can take place and all simply due to rebellion, brashness, foolhardiness. Drugs, sex, and alcohol will not help the leopard change its spots. There are many detours in life but they are not the answer. The transition can be made and more harmoniously. A better reconciling.

But no, not just the intended to be “positive” lights as in the well to do offspring. But the children of good and decent folk also resort to this frailty and of poor choice stricken representatives of the world.

Understand that there is a wealth of knowledge to be shared in these talks and we have to compact them. Permutations of the same wisdom are what they amount to. Until appropriation takes place. Until you are ready, having grown up to take flight. I have to speak like this in order that you realize that there is a better school of thought for the well-intended soul.

But you came here for answers did you not? So be it…..

A System Of Works; The Shy Individual must come to the full realization that his/her portrayal of the shy person is purely a separate altar of worship designed to compete against the very worship of the God of creation. 

Were it not for the mere fact that this is something which the Holy Spirit of God needs to make real for you; IE The thought, the paragraph above, you could walk away at this point from this post, from this lesson, for……

Having read that paragraph, the Spirit is perhaps but nudging at the periphery of your Soul.

“Ah so, vera intrasting, ah….”

This school of thought is so vast, trust me. I have come up against many individuals who swore that it was more simple than it actually is. Too long satisfied with simplicity, I bored them. In contesting the things I laid at their doorstep (in person) they even got scared for a few seconds that I was about to become “physical”, knowing my past history. But it wasn’t that. I but grew frustrated because their reactions were estimations predicted due to the threat posed by my propositions into their universes. But to listen. If we could only but listen. But no, they wanted to compete instead. 

Much like the “glorious college student debating, having been prompted to do so by the eminent scholar who was bringing them forth onto the “god” of knowledge.”. Like the men at Mars Hill.

Like Lao in “Lao’s Time” for whom Bruce Lee pointed at the moon (not being there) upon which Lao focused on the finger pointing and promptly received a smack on the head for focusing on the finger, thus missing “All the heavenly glory” (In the words of Bruce Lee).

The above scene is in “Enter The Dragon”.

Please return for pt3 of “The Shy Individual”.

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


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