An Expansion

This is to be an expansion to a Facebook post I wrote today. The post was the following:

Love (Romantic Love, not true Love) is a discourse between two Souls and the mind plays referee attempting to put words to it.

That was it above.

Now I will attempt to put in what needed to be left out that the color decorating feature in Facebook would give me my money’s worth. You know, once you exceed the number of characters you get no kewpie doll, IE the post turns to a plain white background. 

On to the subject matter of the post…..

The Soul

Yes, the Soul has something on its mind. Yes, the Soul does have a mind. Uh huh yeah. The Soul is Sentient. It feels and it senses, it records even before it learned words it still registered events in a language of necessity. Oh yes. It is “Being”, and not for nothing is it so. It is an expended part of God who is everything.

The Being (me/you) having descended from the first extensions (the first man and woman….no, not a myth) carry within our being the unavoidable first impressions, of our first Father and Mother. As experienced between them and God. Primordial. This first exchange took place and would be repercussed within our beings as descendants.

As to that event, yes it was tragic. For, of all things, He gave us Free Will. But why did He do that? Simply that we should be prevailed upon to see what we constitute without His Guidance. Prone to wander is what we are. Faced with choices we favor the easy way out, what looks, appears “better”.

But back to the topic….

The Soul wants to say something relative to that Primordial first and tragic event.

In fact, it wants to say it so bad that it uses manifold means to communicate this sorrowful occurrence.

Yes, even sickness. This too is used to communicate. Deformities. Yes, this also. It becomes quite easy for the uninformed to lay blame upon the God of Creation for the circumstances we find ourselves surrounded, saddled with here in this existence. It is very immature to place our anger for things as they are upon the Creative Being. This practice becomes us “Stretching a hand backward to pat self on the back.” thinking ourselves wise beyond measure (Comedian Stephen Fry).

But back to Romantic Love…..

Picture Eternity

Yes, now go back from it to the Primordial. And you find two beings who were drawn together. And they somewhat sought to impress one another. The woman pointing out the appeal of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The man foolishly and heroically standing by her descent into disobedience.

Knowing later of disobedience, the mind attempts to display “guilt”, and attempts a “work”, a practice to alleviate guilt. In this case, they sewed fig leaves together. Even the nakedness now helped in this religion of guilt, of the mind, inventiveness.

But let’s go beyond that….

Now we find ourselves…

Victims to the Primordial, as we click, “love” at first sight. This, the last act of the Primordial. Programmed to become attached to one another merely to make amends. The Soul wants to make amends. Another system of works. And the mind, the intellect tries to make sense of it all, is caught in the middle. And the mind creates themes. Yes, themes making an altar of worship in trying to obscure the Primordial.

But the true configuration rises to the fore as motives and sentiments are divested. Security, insecurity, lust, anxiety all these and much more rise to the surface telling us what our “love” is.

I could go on. I hope that I have stirred the muddy waters a little.

Thanks for visiting.

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


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