Redemption Driven Creatures

What is it which drives our moment to moment? Enjoy this old explorative post.


We, are, every single one of us; Redemption Driven.

Yes, from our very core.

There are no exceptions. Here’s a perfect use of the word irony; By believing yourself to be exempt from this rule, You’ve loaned credentials to the rule.

Sure, absolutely, for it is the need to redeem self which drives you to want to be the exception.

Inescapable. Because it is the Void within which drives us to identify with and accumulate Value.

We are a race of assessors. Judges, critics. A human race of illusionists. Idealists. Desperately, how desperately we seek isolation. Step aside, coming through, I’m the One. The one and only. Void driven to show you that I am special.

The quest for perfection is born out of imperfection.

The above is my saying. I gave permission to one other blogger to use it, a banner heading for her blog (Beauty is Perfection).


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