The Shy Individual (pt.4)


Reason can lead to the formulating of an excuse instead of an “answer”.

This is where reason falls short: The infant child receives a lot of attention, kisses, and cooing, fondled and teased with performances by those of the household, family, and…..


Spoiler alert now;

The next which I will attempt to share with you might outrage you but I tell you right now, it is correct. It is the truth. Keep in mind that our preferences can cloud our judgment, and so it is that I might stir your emotions and bring about your disapproval. But if you will read the rest of this post with an intelligent open mind you might find that it makes sense.


To continue….

The little mind of the infant as the mind of an Assessor adding things up tabulates all this attention as something “It” is worthy of. Kind of like its due. Like a tribute. This is acclimation. The ego is stirred by this process. Begun to be built. Be patient I will make all of this clearer.

The life of Riley so to speak (old cliche). You get cleaned, your butt wiped, put to bed, fed etc. You’re the center of the universe. Then things change.

You exercise mobility a natural process, the body’s due. You put yourself at risk as a babe is wont to do. Touch, approach something dangerous to you. An electric receptacle, a hot oven, a hot iron, and…

Whether this thing is taken out of your grasp, whether you are bodily removed from the presence of, or whether you are berated with words attempting to tutor you as to this dangerous situation (top of steps, etc.), this comes across as vexing, frustrating, you don’t understand in most cases why you are being denied these things you are drawn to. Because you were catered to prior to this new treatment. You who doubt my connection here consider that the baby sees the change in the facial expressions. 

Yes, now the face of disapproval, the voice of admonishment. The tone (Voice) has changed. A change up for the Psyche of the child. It’s built up Persona doth assess this. Sometimes a discomforting tap on the rump now. To the sentient mind of this little being this is vexing, a contradiction. So let’s add this up….

On the one hand, you ride high in April, then shot down in May (That’s Life song).

Minus the advanced communication skills, the child is vexed by this change up. Though yes, it is true “conditioned”, programmed, the association is building up a library here. But also predisposed preferences built out of frustration and vexing. Emotions dictate. The child mind interpreted the….

First (attention, coddling) treatment as its worth, its due and got acclimated to it.

Second treatment comes along and the child has so little experience that it has to lean one up against the other. Contrast one against the other (yes). 

Wha hoppen?

To the conditioned Psyche of the child, this is a shock to the system. Remember it is new to this madhouse we have erected.

On the one hand, it felt safe, secure and the center of creation and this experience, this conditioning was interpreted as “love”. But when it was taken away a strange thing transpired in that little Adamic mind as it sought to add a semblance of creds to the why to for of this phenomenon. It reasons thusly; It cannot be that I am no longer “lovable” no, not at all for I am here, still me, still astounding and remarkable, a gift.

It reasons; “I did something wrong”, “I did something bad”.

I am lovable but I am bad; becomes the stabling point credo for life.

The compact made for life with the little specter of what we perceived as “love”.

The human child is not conscious of these thoughts, mind you, no, all this is processed subconsciously. 

Though I leave you lost for the moment, I promise to make sense of this, step by step. It will all be made clear.

Return for pt4.

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


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