The Shy Individual (pt.5)

If you have stuck with this series you then know that slightly I have botched things up a little. For example; Pt 2 is in part a repetition of part one. Alright. So in having reviewed the series, I have a treat for you here in pt.5.

I will corral some things. Yes, I have made some of this material vague. but not here in the fifth round. Lucky you that you are presently here.

The first crucial thing for today in making sense of these lessons; We will establish some order but you will need to have read pt.4 (might need to go back there, review). 

So listen….

In the case of this situation; In life, we, our Psyche having started out with an incorrect premise is led to a second incorrect conclusion. 


What is this? What am I talking about?

As an infant, the Psyche concludes two erroneous beliefs.

1. That the attention lavished upon us is “love”.

2. That we are, therefore “lovable” having been the recipient of these actions we concluded as “love”.

Trust me, where we go with this must, has to negate all the silly schools of thought that emphasize positive thoughts and self-esteem approaches, and why? Mantras, etc..

Unavoidable because the Word of God is tough, hard and more realistic than the scientist wants to, needs to see it as. But trust me, I speak about the pseudo-scientist. Biblical knowledge can take one to a realistic Science.

Now back to where we were….

Now, due to mobility, the change-up occurs. The child is vexed due to discipline needed to prevent contact with dangerous items in the home, etc..

But mind you, we speak here of a creation which though sentient, lacks indoctrination into communication. The mind of the child formulates, sequences and concludes logically though lacking substance, truth.

At this point in existence, all it knows is that “the good thing was replaced with a negatively construed thing” not having in possession “All the Facts”.

And yes, I know you are (have been) asking; What does this all have to do with “the shy person”? 


Some of you have already made the connection.

We all possess, come into this life with a Void in us. And it is this Void which is when invoked by the occurrence of a negative external circumstance reclaiming the truth that it is a stamp of appertainment, the summation of our value, our worth. It is intuited by our subjection to “like” external events. 

Though it itself (this Void), we mirror in like and unlike (peruse my archives) as we go through life.

The child is forced by the invoking of the Void by this change up to contrast the two “indoctrinations” (welcome treatment and unwelcome treatment). The Psyche is forced to “Reconcile”, make sense, make up a more palatable Reason for this change of treatment.

In a twisted logic, it becomes (favored, less discomforting) to conclude (this being a third erroneous conclusion); “It isn’t that I am not lovable, no, but that I am bad.” I must have done something wrong.

So a cycle is begun here.

At this juncture, I need your attention the most….

Now, from this point on, a life script is adopted, and why? 

Preferring “bad” to “unlovability” (unlovable) the Psyche forges a compact with circumstances and now “Bad” turns into “Inept”, nervous, socially malfunctioning, subject to floods of anxiety, shy and more….


To supply a reason for this change up. IE become the author of its own discomfort; equate it with circumstances here on earth and not in eternity, oblivion. Which happens to be less harrowing. 

Simply to keep the Void at bay. 

The Void means; Lacking the life of God, incomplete, in need of redemption, repurchase. And this is why Christ, the Son of God, came to die for us that we might regain our place in the family of God. To make available God’s Life, His Spirit for us, that our psyche in conjunction with the pain this life has to present us with, all which would cause us to intuit the Void, our state would be turned into something we can more readily handle, deal with, put into perspective. 

See, this last is why “Reason” can be turned into an excuse instead of logic. IE when we are not putting “eternity” into our computations.

For you see it is our ability to believe which is short-circuited by external impinging events in this life, this existence.

This, my friends, is Psychology, for there can be, without His Word, no comprehending the mind of man.

Return for pt.6 which will tie up our educational bundle.

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.



  1. Truly great post Miguel. We thank you for the perceived “botch” because it allowed us to cement the idea in our minds. It is so true how that erroneous belief we start out with gets bigger and bigger until God shatters it. So true how the world and “the silly schools of thought…self-esteem approaches, and Mantras” begin to take root as truths. Yes, the word of God is tough until the Holy Spirit comes upon us and we see with clarity. Well articulated piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was homeless twice in my life. That’s when I had “unrepaired” counselors which came out of our midst (homeless), and due to their titles were now instructing us. “You know, you should have a morning mantra.” They said. I sabotaged everything they said, for the most part. The class used to love me. The teachers not. The teacher once challenged me on a matter. Strange but what I had spread would not be silenced. Though I kept my mouth shut, the class attacked the teacher with: “That’s precisely what he said.” And they proceeded to explain that she had no argument against me and what I had just said. Silently I marveled at their insight. It was the Spirit. Thanks again friend.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Isn’t it something how the flesh and the Spirit were at war and as always the Spirit overcame the darkness. Praise Him. I can relate to being homeless and as I look back see it was Him applying love to my life. Its funny but it was as if I could here Him say “now tommy, this is gonna hurt a bit but trust Me”. The process had begun long before I could see it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • So true. As a matter of fact I actually had a choice: Sell out or lose the roof. I did not hesitate one moment. I leapt at the opportunity. In both cases. I have quite some stories from those days as a result. Only God will find what might be described as the great adventures for the Soul. Forget Chicken Soup.

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL. We are sure you must have some incredible stories that are testimonies of His works in and now through you! His wilderness adventures are always a blessing however I must admit… at the time they aren’t top on the wish list, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I know. I for one tended to live them with an air of expectancy, yet when circumstances had changed in retrospect I see how dire and dark the circumstances were.

        Liked by 1 person

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