A Tale Of Martyrs

I have shared this before, but it will not die, never be laid to rest, such a beautiful story.


This is a very popular old tale I recount here. Handed down from the European sector.

It goes something like this;

In the time of the early Church, when persecution was rife, there were forty Christians imprisoned because they would not recant the Christian religion.

This took place in old Armenia.

The prisoners were led to a frozen lake in the cold of Winter. On the shore were, tubs of water, metallic, heated and awaiting any who would recant. Also by the tubs were blankets and fresh new clothing.

They (The Christians) were made to strip down naked. Freezing at the point of swords and spears, ordered to march out in within sight to the middle of the frozen lake.

The soldiers stood guard, watching, waiting.


Singing hymns, it was a brief matter of time, and they began to drop one by one, though they tried to comfort one…

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