A Romantic Heartbreak

An Old post with an incredibly wise original proverb in it. Open it and see.


The following is autobiographical, humiliating, but true. I think I likely have written about this before, and folks have confided as to its help in their lives, so listen up, perhaps you can share this with someone.

Married 18 years, with three beautiful daughters. My wife after having been unfaithful twice, yet we remained together. I asked of her, before the 18 years were fulfilled, “Please, if it is to happen the third time, give me a heads up…”

She did and after acting out the typical drama, I decided to leave the relationship. For those of you who are curious as to what some  of that drama entailed. I got my Cerificate of Ordination out and set fire to it over the stove to get a typical rise out of her (I refused to believe that I had no power over this woman; Ego), however this produced no reaction…

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