What Of Our Life?

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We go on living it, and briefly pause to wonder. Briefly.

So ridiculously briefly.

The reason for that is that we are a performer. A actor upon a stage, and yes, we are very comfortable believing we are this person, this performer. Identity is sought after. Value is sought. Security is sought. Comfort is sought.

And in this process, we encounter, laughs, joy, ecstatic feelings at times. And rejoicingly do we embrace those moments of elation. We go on, encounter friends, record adventures. We look back on them and in doing so a smile appears upon our faces, indecipherable to those present. Of course, this may occur in the absence of others.

And the tragedies merely come as a entirely different creature, mostly by surprise.

Our Dreams

Yes, our dreams are slightly different. By dreams I, at this point, do not refer to aspirations. I refer to what takes place…

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