Later, Perhaps Later…

That’s how we view it. A choice, an option. An expendable, take it or leave it. We shall see, uh yeah, huh….

Hey, what’s the big deal if life offers so much, so many options, right?

I am almost persuaded (King Agrippa told Paul).

Yes, we employ reason in deciding. So it is no small surprise that once the mind begins to reason, to tabulate, it must roam around the clutter, all the substance which presently makes up our life. What we construe as material facts to work with in order to arrive at a “logical” conclusion. Quote unquote. 

What diverts us? Perhaps a place, a public post we hold among our peers? A stance which favors us with approbation, acceptation? We think; “What will we provide, say for a explanation as to why we have switched positions?”. And will we do well, fare well under scrutiny for having made this substantial change? And isn’t this change, this choice one which clearly fashions a picture of me siding with the close minded, IE, Narrow and bigoted perspective.

How are we perceived? Who do people think I am? Who is “Miguel”?

In viewing self in this fashion we are not considering any true “substance”. Weird huh? Weird.

Funny but eternity, the concept of eternity does not possess any weight here in this temporal life, existence. But there is some “Irony” here, one which will kill us, which defies any kind of “Logic” for not having made the right choice! Yup.

First; Isn’t it so that one when bringing to mind their public image, public persona, is conjuring before the mind, before one’s intellect, before one’s “Reason”, an erected and much contrived “falsehood”, an ephemeral illusion. And worse, much worse…

An Image

An image which drives us. Compels us. Motivates us. 

And worse. (here comes the deep, the profound) An image upon which our idea of Sanity rests upon. Oh yeah baby, loo loos. The fabrile, an object fashioned in truth of a very real worship, an idol. 

A talisman. Like when we see the protagonist hold forth the wooden cross in a Vampire movie to ward off evil. 

That very thing we accuse the superstitious of, we do when faced with the choice of eternity, of considering the option of credulity towards the God of Creation.

Our concept of self is but an image worshiped, no different than the Golden Calf erected by the fearful crowd who felt alone, abandoned by their concept of “a god”. They did not know God. 

It was but an idea of god which they possessed.


We are not to expend belief on the works of our imagination. God is not imaginary.

We, ourselves fashion things out of fear, horrid things which proceed from the hell within which inhabits us, the stamp of appertainment which we must push to the back of preoccupativeness. 

We put off and put off because conversely we are frightened by the inhabiting truth. Innately we are minus the Life of God, the Biblical account is not a myth, but is instead Truth. An inhabiting truth.

The choice is not one of myth. Not to choose it (God) is to reside in myth.

The things which comprise “Sanity” for us are as fabrile, the workmanship of our hands, promulgated by fear. 

We actually reside in the insane. You figure it out. It is scary to be driven by the innate Void. Outside of God, this is the only drive source we know. We need a change. We need reality, and not one made up by the Void that we should not have ever to confront it (The Void).

What do you choose?

Will it be oblivion simply because to ponder it is frightening?


Should you not see how crucial this subject matter is simply by how much innate fear it provokes?

Christianity is even more serious than some Christians realize! 

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook


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