Negotiables (human tender)

What we give in exchange for what we have need of.

Trafficked between one another.

Two strangers meet, and they click. Perhaps romantically or the start of a long-lasting and profound friendship. What or how might this be interpreted? A thing, perhaps ineffable, is experienced. A spell is cast, so it is defined in retrospect but it was not as magically attributed. A mystique is titled to the occurrence, frozen in time because this makes it the more fortuitous and the more unique.

A kindred affinity. 

Little do we know that this thing we share has its roots in a showcased primordial event.

IE; Just like the paper dollar is backed by something of value, so it is with these affinities which transpire between us as humans. These connections made. 

Two Spheres of influence…

First, the indoctrination at home. The clannish thing which has turned into “value” for us. Identification with value. In fact, we identify so well as value these negotiable substances. Referred to as “character traits”, familial. The family rewards these traits even when they are somewhat negatively perceived by one outside the family circle. An outsider might find the demonstration of such character traits as disturbing. Yet within the clan familial, they are rewarded. And so perpetuation takes flight unaccountably. A sense of pride is draped about these “attributes” (in quotes because tastes differ; IE, we won’t all agree).

An individual might turn out to be sociopathic whereas another will turn out to be a darling of society. Yet both behaviors were rewarded; IE became negotiable, yielded value in the indoctrinating atmosphere. Mind you, this is a Duality.

There is much more to the above but we need to cut it somewhat.

The Second Sphere of influence is the “Primordial”. What transpired at the “Dawn of Time”. We are slated to enact specifics in our lives. Due to the primordial. Meant to pursue certain dreams even though they end up in heartbreak due to the primordial. Disposed to end up dashed against the rocks like a ship gone aground. The Tempest of the primordial transpiring. Think with me…

If we have a thing of such value that we can write a note which is backed by this thing of value (gold, silver, etc.) does this not demonstrate, proves how important it is that “our word” be taken in regard to this value extant? 

In essence; We have given our name, whether familial or reputation, a sense of value. 

There was a time where “Notes” were exchanged aside from the Treasury notes we use now. These notes were given to someone in exchange for goods or services and then forwarded to a bank for cash and the bank was entitled to be recompensed by the Person guaranteeing those notes. And this is all a big merry go round which means but one thing here; Reputation, prestige, eminence, significance, Value. The word of a particular house possessing meaning, worth. Again; A Duality because the houses not possessing this ability far outnumbered those who did.

The Wrap Up

What I have placed second in this post should have been first. But I put it second for the sake of what we interpret to be “Negotiables”. What we are accustomed to. The Home it is that we are used to. But not the primordial.

The name of the game is Value. 

A child will grow up and perpetuate a life of tragedy. Substance abuse, sociopathy, lawbreaking and even suicide and as frustratingly indecipherable as such behavior appears it is all done in the name of “Value”. The need for value inherent within one and all of us.

I know it is sad, profoundly sad that a person should take their own life. Our fallen state creates this practice. Science is not the god it touts itself to be. Perfection is not the god it touts self to be. They will run us aground due to the ignored “Primordial”.

The Raison D’etre for all that we do is due to the absence of Life within us one and all. 

We have created the stage for human drama as a substitute for the absence of the Life of God. And so there exist “Negotiables”. Oh what a tangled web…

Listen to me…

We don’t need the Life of God so that we can be religious. No. 

We need it so that we can have “Life”. What we possess is a complexity of ideals feuding at odds with one another and so we find the Duality of mankind policing mankind. Correcting and this correcting unable to achieve, to take us to that dream of utopia, paradise. A paradise which we lost in the “Primordial”.

The next moment you see a child smile into your eyes remember this, please. Remember this.

Thank you for your patience in reading this.

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook


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    I have not changed anything in this post. It, though good, is ambitious and so in forging intent fails a little to encompass the theme, but being in this state does “Inspire” the mind and heart. So be disposed, for the reading of this will give you prompts for writing, for creating, so take advantage of this attribute of this post by attending to its reading.


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