Romantic “love” Revisited (yet again)

Here is an old post which is a part of a series on the romantic relationship. It is crude but not a word of untruth is said. I have in the past written various posts on the romantic relationship coming at them from different perspectives. This one focuses on how humankind is in need of their own story. A separate account which gives us an import going far away from that of the Biblical account. I hope you get something out of it and perhaps hunt down part two and etc..


All the heartbreak, all the surprises (unpredictability) of the romantic relationship cannot be correctly, objectively attributed to “Not yet finding your Soul Mate”. This phenomenon will never be discontinued, IE the pursuit of a Soul Mate.

This emerged out of the fall of man. The “mythical” account (so we attribute to it) found in the Bible. Why? Blame is why (we will address this much later).

It loans too much drama to the Adamic human constituents. Value, too much value is racked up by the human plight with the use of this fairy tale; Finding your soul mate.

It will take God showing this to you. His Spirit ignited within you, for you to realize that this, I say, is true.

But in the meantime, back at the ranch….(cues, used in old time b/w films; Westerns)

What in part accounts for this is simply; that humankind needs, is in dire…

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