The Shy Individual (pt. 8)

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A system of Works.

What is meant by the above? This holds true in the life of the shy individual. A system of works is what keeps the shy individual a prisoner under the condemnation of perpetuating “A Shy Person”.

Remember; No (negative) self-destructive behavior is kept without there being a reward within the Vicious Cycle itself. 

This, above, is the reason why at times any one keeping the perpetuating of a vicious cycle does succumb to crying, tears, questioning why they can’t break away from the behavior pattern by which they are known of, to be. This is division. Conflict. heartbreak and sorrow.

This is the first step towards deliverance; Acknowledging that you keep this behavior (in our case, of the shy persona) because you are rewarded by keeping this disabling behavior. 

I was trapped once in a self-destructive pattern. It cost me my marriage. Made it so that I was a bystander watching my marriage go to pieces. I’d sit on the bed at night and cry while my wife lay sleeping. “Why, oh dear God, why can’t I stop doing this, why must I repeat this behavior without remedy?”

Please, due to the scene described, forego the conclusion that it had anything to do with the “Marriage Bed”.

So to get back on track with our discussion (You don’t have any say here….lol, but comment below the post.).


  1. A system of works
  2. Trapped in a vicious cycle
  3. The perpetuated cycle which seeks to humiliate you is self-assigned, kept because it is rewarded. We are on some sort of a mission. Yes.

What is meant by “A system of works”

Contrast “works” with anything “Under Grace”, under true Love as that which only God can give, and not the love we give. 

It is “Idealistically Romantic”, charged with impressionable affectation, that love we render.

Oh yes, it is true, we want to believe that we have true love within, can give true love. No. It is crucial that you understand that if we are to bear True Love from within at any moment, it is God Himself Manifested. He can love through us but basically, for the most part, any love we generate is contaminated, tainted by our Human Nature, Adamic Nature, Fallen Nature.

Look at how the ego manifests itself;

I was once complaining to a Pastor about the last congregation I had just come out of. He said to me…

“When you find the perfect Church don’t  join it, for you will ruin it.”

Unfamiliar with this colloquialism….

Immediately I felt slighted, insulted. Numb.

This was ignorance and my ego.

We are so full of dead baggage. Dramatic ideals which we refuse to discard. Weights which prevent us from moving forward and progress. Immature. Self-importance. Areas in our lives which need be discarded chipped away at.


Value; We find value, identification with value. A pact made in infancy and so we are condemned by self and fear to “Perpetuate “The Shy Individual”. 

But look…

It is very simple really! A Void Connection was made very early in life as we experienced a psyche jarring circumstance. 

It was from there that our Psyche fashioned this Portrayal for us as that which would keep the Void at bay. 

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I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “The Shy Individual (pt. 8)

  1. Excellent continuation Miguel. The system of works and its perpetuation is the hamster wheel of the world. In the works we often have lost Him because it becomes about self and the rewards of praise from on lookers wanting praise…oh how I can relate! It is so gracious of Him to break that cycle that we too cried out to Him for release.

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    1. You possess a great mechanism in you ability to tabulate, assess, of course, gifted by Him. Continue in His Grace and gifting with His outfitting. Great. Thanks for reading and baring His Love.

      Liked by 1 person

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