The Shy Individual (pt.9)

Okay, based on what we spoke about the last time, for the time being, we must begin with a more disclosing analyzation of “A System of Works”.

This is something we must not sleep on.

This is a key ingredient in “Deliverance” from No Faith to Believing. Systems of works are the antithesis of finding rest in God, trusting him, rejecting anxiety’s push to take care of things out of fear, floods of anxiety, etc..

We have discussed the following but it illustrates quite well the subject matter.

Relative to Systems of Works…

Understand that “Fear”, Doubt, peculiarly enough were experienced first by our progenitors in the Garden of Eden. We inherited the trauma of the expulsion. Yes, that “Myth”, creation. It is referred to as a fiction only because of what consideration of it “invokes”.

No, not guilt, wrong, guilt is a product of religion and religion is a product of the human being,  but you’re right on formula (contents). IE a thought pattern (guilt is) born of “programming”.

In fact, “guilt” is a product of the human conscience. A necessary to the system of works born out of fear. In order for a system of works to stay in office guilt must view works as the “release”. As the deliverance rather than the opposition to the Grace of God. A position (understanding the Grace of God) which delivers us from the dominion of the human conscience. Don’t worry, these thoughts require some practice in observing, as in reading, trafficking them, etc..(this appears to be today’s free-floating word, etc..).

It must be understood that…

In the Garden when the incident with the disobedience took place, it was then that the Void was born. When the Void is intuited we then create, imagine, put stock in creations of our own doing, not foreign to us. Almost like Talismans, superstitions are born. 

Belief in “science” as a separate thing foreign to God is one of those Superstitions.

Yes, those who pride themselves in being “calculating”, able to analyze, should be leery of “religion”. But the good reason for this is that “religion” is foreign to God.

Religion is preferential. Not analytical, prejudiced instead.

Yet, God rules, He presides over all things. So making of belief, a crucial matter.

Okay, so how does a system of works and God’s Grace preside over the Shy Individual?

In the Myth (Bible) anxiousness provoked the sewing of fig leaves to cover nakedness which provoked human conscience “guilt”.

This above is an example of us resorting to our own devices for diminishing guilt, diminishing anxiety (by the way this is what OCD’s are, superstitious reactions which bring about some relief but no cure, and what’s more the anxiety which provokes the irrational deeds is itself provoked by our conscious mind intuiting the Void extant.), now, however…


Blame Drama ensued (though wearing the fig leaves to cover a nakedness which inspired anxiety, and guilt). And why? It was the disobedience which caused God’s Life to leave man. Now man through association intuits the Void, absence of the Life of God. And this does not portend celebration. It is an earnest of “Nothingness”, waste, oblivion. 

You remember. The man blamed God for having given him the woman, the woman blamed the Snake and what logic led her to conclude as to the promise held in the tree, the fruit. Reduced to the sensual, pleasing to the eyes.

The Bible isn’t stupid, dear friend.

Then came the pronouncement. How life would be for them from now on.

But the converse also occurred.

The Coats of Skins.

An innocent was slaughtered that “their nakedness might be “Covered”. For it is not the works of our minds, no matter how remarkable, how gifted, how creative which can accrue Value to us, peace to us, no….

God was but appeased, IE His wrath was satisfied by taking a life. Substitution. Yes, the Biblical Doctrine of Substitution was marvelously illustrated here.

This is how remarkable Love is. If I must pay a life I forfeited in my progenitors (being that I descend from a Voided Creation) can I not see, discern that God again has Provided (Jehovah Jireh) “Covering”, a covering, an Innocent. Christ the Son of God, the 2nd unfailing Adam from above, to stand between He (the Father) and I. Trust, for it was the trust which failed, was lacked by Adam and Eve. 

We create systems of works which though inspired by the Void within, separate between us and God. 

Such is the unsettling perpetuated portrayal of “The Shy Individual”. 

Inspired as it was by a Void Invoking event in our infancy; This play, this perpetuating of the shy individual. 

Its perpetuating is rewarded by keeping at bay the Void which was invoked by that event.

The good news is that unlike the Analyst who deems it important, crucial to time travel and describe this event’s contents in detail (giving self import as one who searched out a fiend, a culprit amidst experiences, Sherlockian in prowess), for us it turns out that all we need is understand the true content of the human (us) in order for healing. Better yet it is the content of the human which vestures the event. Lends significance to the insignificant.

Please return for pt.10.

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