I’m Guilty, But….

Here’s an old post, intact. It needs some elaboration in parts, but I have not corrected it. Clarity of sequence is absent in some minute portions. But it is a good job, especially in perspective. I hope you will enjoy it. Actually, it is artful. One of my old readers once described me as a “Poet” she said, referring to the framing of my communications. You might discern this here in this post, and that is why I bring it to you without corrections.


Will someone Plead my cause? Please will some one represent me before the Higher Court?

Perry Mason, in the old black and white episodes, would do all he could to save a client he felt was innocent, caught in the machinations of the human heart, so tangled and devious, malignant and so heartless as to want others to pay for the evil they themselves not only perpetrated, but additionally were capable of perpetrating.

This feeling of power they would be enveloped in, knowing that someone else would, under the technicalities of the Court, carrying out the law, were in turn subjected to what should have been their due, yes, laughing at the ideals of the Social Monstrosity, the concept of “Law” had erected. Wow, one step short of chortling maniacal laughter, as they sit in the court room, in their mind feeling that they were proving how inept the “system” is…

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