Relegating Denigrating

Here is an old post again. This one from 2015. It is about how folk wish to practice a faith but according to their preference. Enjoy, I hope…


They have conducted a nationwide test. The object of the test was to determine what is the key to happiness.
It isn’t money.
It isn’t power.
It isn’t sex.
It isn’t popularity.
It isn’t good looks.
It is your faith.
That is their finding.
They pointed out that though the majority of people are turned off by organized religion they are not adverse to practice a faith or their faith.
They also pointed out that it is a matter of preference.
Yes, it is true, preference does facilitate believing.
Believing has a half a chance when it is prompted by “preference”. IE the way you want to envision things.
People naturally will lay cocooned in a world of make believe they chose.
How tolerant of the unbelieving to embrace with a “more powah to yah” attitude for the ones who choose to see religion according to their preference.
We should…

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