The Shy Individual (pt.10)

For pt.10 we will do something very rewarding, yet different.

I will post a conversation I had today with the shy Individual who inspired this series. this conversation took place on Facebook.

Before you read the conversation, understand that this came about because she posted one of those (memes?) posts which show people, and in this case, it illustrated that she waits for the prospective boy to speak first. She will not be the first one to speak. In fact, even if it is a guy she likes she will let all opportunities pass and not be the first to speak. I was pricked by this and so I decided to inbox her.

————————————————————————————Below is the conversation without corrections.

We have been spoonfed on winning, succeeding and that is when the Duality steps in. The opposite side of that coin is kindled; Fear of losing, of failure. The mind is creative. In the classic Film; The Yakuza, the Kenpo Master is asked after he chastises a student who expected to win; “What then shall we expect Sensei?”
His answer (after a long pause); “Expect Nothing”
Thanks for your visit, return for pt.11

10 thoughts on “The Shy Individual (pt.10)

      1. I need to add, this heart of contemplation you guys possess is all he asks of us. His Grace is abundant and free. We are not perfect, He is, but we can be accepting of His provisions for our lapse. Thus is the beauty of the Sonship we possess, marvel in it.

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