The Shy Individual (pt.11)

We see from the last post a few important elements which we implement to perpetuate the persona (a fiction, by the way) of a shy individual.

Yet the irony is that we strive against this characterization. We don’t want to be this shy person. But we are as a designed engine of self-destruction wishing on the one hand not to be a captive of this portrayal yet a slave to a “religion” (subconsciously) employed which is at the core demanding this tribute, this service of us portraying this shy individual. It winds up being a charade. So let’s attempt to corral the ingredients.

An Event; Such an event occurred to us in infancy which inspired a Void Connection for us. We, our essence, our being, intuited the Void we enter this earthly sphere with. You see, what we perceive as reality is all a Drama, a big distraction created by the impression pelted upon our Psyche by the presence of the Void Innate. All which we think is reality is protection against the truth. Such a truth which when contemplated (intuited) tends to make us react with “insanity”. Our response. But ironically, this “reality” is our bulwark against that insanity, and so the proof that we languish in insanity. A Paradox. 

Easily we can make a Void Connection. Many things in our indoctrination can invoke the Void within. In fact, without the presence of the Innate Void, no negative external event would ever possess substance, be identified as negative. 

See the earlier chapters in this series to see what that start off event was for most of us (the mild one) but know that some of us had explosive negative events which relentlessly travel with them, making it almost impossible to experience release from the black hole of the Innate Void. With God nothing is impossible. Yet know that it is our present Voided State which is behind all aberrant behavior, including what we buy into as “normal” behavior. Grasping at straws.

At the Core Is; Service to the Void. To keep it somewhat diffused, dormant, we perform lifetime service to it. Our reality falls into this category. These include….

Systems of works, some border on Superstition. Religions generally are a product of man’s imagination to keep the Void at bay. To diminish anxiety. But mind you, make no mistake, there is a God, a God over all the little gods we serve.

Value Systems; Man is very creative. Money, great titles handed out by productive Universities, titles handed out by powerful institutions, Corporations, Governments, Private firms, Celebratory statuses, the film industry, knighthoods, Dame of the English Empire, Job Titles, stop…

Man is tireless in this, but it is all Void Driven. Why? The Void Innate signifies Designation, appertainment, our composition, Oblivion, our true Value.

All human drive stems from our Voided State.

All these things are separate altars of worship which serve to keep us from seeing, acknowledging that we are in need of redemption, broken, lacking something. 

Lacking the true value, and so we create playful and imaginative values. Restlessly.

Several things…

One, “All Void Value equals zero value.”  Second, “The Void always has the last laugh.”

Shy Selma; would make it a policy to always wait for a boy to address her first.

Thinking “This is me, I am like this, I am a good girl.” “Good girls behave like this.”

This is the friend of the Void Innate who prompted this behavior. The “Human Conscience”, a product of the Void. And this is a Void Negotiable Value. Her guilt manufactured this behavior. The Void loves guilt, and why so???

Because guilt creates value systems outside of God’s.

God’s Value System is His Holy Spirit. A thing He gives liberally and out of Grace. In fact, He purchased for us that which would enable us to bask in that Gift. At the Cross of Calvary.

Selma was in bondage. Not possessing the Life of God. Living as one who needed to follow patterns of guilt, all driven from the Void Innate. A separate altar of worship. Void Driven. Not Faith Driven.

With the Life of Faith comes liberty. Boldness. One can take the initiative. No expectations. I am not ruled by Perfection, by the discipline of correction, but by Love. A Spirit of Love. What is wrong in being a friend, approaching a boy one likes, merely as a friend. Not under bondage to appearances, what people think, things, programs of guilt, programs outlined by systems of works, by living without a Liberty In Christ, outside the Love and Grace of God.

I know, it seems as if all this stuff is long winded and deep and even nuts, but nuts it isn’t. Return for pt.12.


I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


9 thoughts on “The Shy Individual (pt.11)

  1. So much truth in these words, “All human drive stems from our Voided State.” This comment comes from voices of experience and the final realization that nothing fills the void except Him. Gosh how the world duped us until He opened our eyes. Classic Ecclesiastes.

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  2. This is really deep and something we all need to know. You’re doing a great job by enlightening our brains with this series.
    This line, All which we think is reality is protection against the truth. Such a truth which when contemplated (intuited) tends to make us react with “insanity”.
    Its a universal fact I can say; not many realizes it. This realization needs a lot of time and that’s why people choose to believe a lie (an easy but risky option).

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      1. Reading your blog posts is a big pleasure for me. You’ll have my support with you always even when I am not that active on WP. You write some really wise stuff on your blog that makes me come here again and again.
        I wish you all the Good Luck!
        Keep sharing your experiences 🙂 🙂

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