The Shy Individual (pt.12)

Roles Perpetuated

Watch people, really and truly spend time watching them. Why? Because everything we do is to accumulate or to identify with value. 

Listen to conversations. Self-assertions, we all do it. Look at me, I am Mike on a bike with no dislike. Basically, our Psyche has implemented a charade which fundamentally seeks to crown Being. “I want to either know that this is real, or I will perform and thus make it real.” The Ode to Existence”. 

At this point of this conversation, some will drop away. Sorry but so long.

Believe me, placed in its correct perspective, this is frightening, not for everyone. But I tell you true. 

Listen now to an occurrence in my life (many have heard me tell this before). It occurred between me and a young man I love very much. At this time (of occurrence) we butted heads continually.

I strove to have a better relationship with him. My Son In Law. After a long absence, we met again. I started a conversation, sharing the truth that “Everything we do is to accumulate or to identify with Value.”

Understand that my daughter castrated (figuratively) this young man. She despised him. The relationship had soured greatly. They both were to blame for this. Well, immediately he replied to my claim with; “Not me”

I said to myself; Thanks for proving my point by wanting to be the exception.

My presence for him filled him with anxiety. A spirit of competition. All because my daughter worshiped the ground I walked on. And so requiring his anxiety to diminish, needing a balance, a sense of value; He had to disagree with my claim. You see, logic had no place here, just the “natural” recourse, emotionally required.

And all this, due to the Void Innate. The Biblical account is true; We are a fallen creation. Just because those who preach the Gospel generally are folk we can’t stand (by preference) merely because the accounts they relate provoke, and fill us with anxiety. Our preferences will not completely push into non-existence or devaluate what they espouse.

We are all in the same boat. Assessors one and all. This was cemented at the fall. We became the Little gods, as taught by a great Theologian. Assessors. We were now (in the fall) a Dichotomy; became a Soul/Body being. Divested of the Life of God, as originally intended for us to be; A Tripartite Being. A Spirit/Soul/and Body creation. 

And so Assessorship has escalated to a high office. Somewhat with pride, we state; “I am a Perfectionist.” (I used to flaunt this.). Nonsense, nonsense. We do it to diminish anxiety. Cruel it is, a hard taskmaster; “The quest for perfection was born out of imperfection.”

The account of the Biblical fall of man is true!

Roles Perpetuated

Shy Selma; Who needed to perpetuate the role of the good girl who would, and needed to wait for a boy to speak to her first, a boy she desperately wanted to address her. 

Rules, measures established by a protocol. Rules of society, cultures, etc..

But meanwhile excuses for the fear of rejection, none approbation. Oh, horror of horrors. And why this?

Due to a Void Connection experienced early in the formative years of life. Of Indoctrination. The Clannish indoctrinating years.

What more proof do we need of the existence of the Void Innate? An infant, having no communication skills, going through the “Change Up” period in infancy, where what was construed as “unconditional love” (and wasn’t), now due to mobility (for his/her safety) undergoes corrective discipline, is forced to juggle and reconcile these two with a “Compact” for life. 

Something Negotiable for the Psyche.

And all because the discipline appears to be the counterpart (a mere Duality as manufactured by our state of Dichotomy) of the “unconditional love”, negative vs. positive; Succeeded in Invoking, intuiting the Innate Void for the young sprout. 

The mind has to reconcile, make sense of things because; It hurts, it is painful to experience the presence of the Void, the primordial. Because…

The Void tells of appertainment. No matter I don’t have communication skills, The Void, its presence requires none. Primordially “we get it” (old friends). We know by intuition, why it lies within us one and all. 

Shy Selma has to but reason. But to perpetuate this “Shy Persona” that that horror, The Void would not insinuate itself again into her life. Bondage.

Rejection is equated with the confusion, the frustration, the vexing “Change Up” in infancy which served to Invoke the Void Innate. 

This is what we are through life, creatures of preferences, finding hiding places of comfort, treading carefully that we should not awaken the Sleeping Horror; Our Voided State.

It provokes Anxiety, provokes Suicide, Depression, Disanimation, but…

It can be a good thing; When it provoked God…

To take human form, identify with us, obediently go to the Death of The Cross, resulting in God the Father turning His back on Him because He bore the Sins of the world upon Him at that moment as was prophesied that He would in the old testament.

This was the reason why He left His Glory. Love, Oh Love. 

He is known as Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for the visit. Return for pt.13 (not bad luck).

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


9 thoughts on “The Shy Individual (pt.12)

  1. Good one Miguel. Yes when provoked by God it is awesome. He allowed me to be provoked and as hard as the journey was, it was the most wonderfully enlightening journey of the moment. The great part is He keeps bringing me on more journeys to see His hand even more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely. It never ends. Beyond the veil though we get to “know even as we are known”, can you imagine the payoff then. I believe it will be continuous. A flood of absorption. Rejoicing, shining with restlessness, and a knowing. Thank you for being here. I urge you to read the last chapter, already published. I think you will appreciate that much more. The crowning chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s just amazing to hear. Believe me, I don’t get many comments and certainly not of this caliber. I am encouraged. I have known from the git that most folk fear stepping out of the groove you see. I made up my mind that I would not get a decent reception even. I was criticized greatly by two biological brothers for delving in attempting to get my ideas across in this fashion. At first, I questioned what I was doing, but then God gave me peace about it. One of them thought I was nuts, the other asked: “To whom are you speaking?” “Who is your audience?” He said this was too pseudo-intellectual. Funny right. So perhaps with this, you understand my experience. Thanks again.

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      2. Thank you for sharing this. Like you we believe the more you truly study His word the more revelation we obtain. Its like He is shouting out to the Angels…. hey they are getting it, lol. We understand how others can sometimes think we’re losing our minds because we may offend or think differently on a topic. This may be a generalization but I often wonder if our past Saul to Paul experiences allow us to have a perspective that sometimes others may not have? At any rate, we are benefiting from your wisdom.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I believed in the material and that helped. The Spirit of God collated all I had come in touch with, come across even. So where do I stand in such a situation? Insignificant aye. Thanks again.

        Liked by 1 person

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