The Little gods Duke It Out

Throw the Therapist under the Bus. 

That’s what a new TV series is doing. But there has to be a reason. Yup, for the sake of Sensuality, yes this is the banner of Reason (a little god). I’m itching for something to believe in, gimme-gimme-gimme.

And they danced around naked and chose partners for intercourse while dancing around the Golden Calf, newly constructed for worship. Because neither hide nor tail had been seen of Moses.

Breathlessly the audience watches the show, bated breath. When it is over they can’t wait for the next episode. This is that which I have been concerned about, my thoughts, my desires, my fantasies. And now someone is giving them a voice. How refreshing. I too can perhaps, choose to give voice, act out on what I want. Um?

The Therapist, an old stalwart of “science” is being offered up on the funeral Pyre. How so? 

In the theme of “Physician heal thyself.”

We all knew (some of us guessed) that the Analyst chose to study the human mind because he/she had anxieties, fears of their own. A brokenness. So what better way to recoup this situation, huh? Sure as an “Expert” then from a position of “accreditation” one can hide, the posing to ensue would give one some leverage against the truth in hiding. But this, the taking by an author of a Therapist to color a theme of “An individual discovering self”, worse, one’s secret desires, then to go out and play a game of indulgence to feed these deep desires ideally that one might what……..?

Grow, be set free, heal, mature, learn wisdom, have an advantage over all the other Guiney pigs? Be the great Philosophical voice of Liberation?

True I don’t know where the show will end up. Whether it seeks to abandon her on her quest, have her end up distraught, finding out that she destroyed her family, I don’t know.  But….

The show nonetheless intends to utilize that little god we so often make of Sensuality. There are many who expend themselves upon this little god. The quest is so sad that they are drawn to substances of abuse to occupy in the expenditure of self. And many at the end of that route wish they had never started out that way, never set eyes on that carnal way of life. 

It is so hard to do those things and not emerge believing that one can now never be redeemed. 

True, however, if one thinks like the above, one does not understand God, Grace or Salvation. For it isn’t how much sin one has committed, IE you have no part in your being availed of the Life of God (except for trust).

This last is what the Innate Void was hoping to have transpired. But there are some. Yes. Who emerge (out of such a situation of degradation) with a closer kinship than others, to God.

He who is forgiven much. Will the more appreciate Grace!

But understand that in this show, how it starts out (premise) is that we don’t know self, we need to let Homey come out to play. Really if you think about it this is propaganda selling us on a way of life. Pretty much kind of Liberal.

This is okay, that is okay, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it you might like it.

So what if I like it, I’m a pig I will like the trough.

I am conditioned, disposed to like this by the Void within, the Absence of True Life, thou Fool. Exactly where I am headed due to my being in possession of a trial life, a temporal life that I might choose correctly, employ faith, (headed) to Discard, I am waste material.

The Soul without the Spirit of God cannot take its place alongside God. Do you hear me: I am waste material without His Life. 

I must end up as Discard, waste without His Life.

This series is symbolic. Propaganda. Throw the Therapist under the Bus. And why not? Why shouldn’t little worthless gods, ideals of no true value duke it out among themselves?

I can be reached at;, and, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


6 thoughts on “The Little gods Duke It Out

      1. Yes, just like the educational system was used to germinate radical ideas, so is the film and TV industry. Agendas are being propagated. Very smartly. Negative and positive agencies are doing this.
        “The Forgotten” is employed by Anti-abortion groups.
        “Powder” was used to seduce us with the Pedophile in mind.
        Very sneaky and subtle. And I think I mispelled Gypsy?

        Liked by 1 person

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