We Want Success

Old post. A reblog.


The ones who achieve it (according to its public concept), have the uncanny feeling that they have not yet achieved it. Huh?

They even need to be convinced, they lack conviction as to whether they indeed are successful. Oh yes, true, they have entered into the realm of those who seem to be in that group considered “the successful”, but, in order to feel it, they tend to have to do those extra re-affirmations.

Read about themselves, in pieces writ about them. Re-watch, or listen to interviews. Public affirmation, needed when they venture out (they grow to dread this if they rise, and rise, and….).

The activities of those who have arrived, succeeded are a big part of the ritual. Party hardy. Why yes, including self destruct. And of course mingle with other stars. Some might not be so embracing of the newbies.

But all the above is not the…

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